Grace and Courage: Ketubah with Horses

Grace and Courage: Ketubah with Horses

What is the first association that comes to mind when horses are mentioned? For some, horses are a sport and a hobby. For others, horses represent a passion beyond words. Due to their incredible grace and beauty, horses are among the favorite animals for many people. For centuries, horses have accompanied people in their proudest and darkest moments, and for many, they were their most reliable companions. Today, horses may not be a means of transportation, but they’re certainly admired and loved. Proud, strong, loyal, and brave – horses are a perfect choice for your unique, modern ketubah design.

Even though we mostly come across domesticated horses, once upon a time, they were outnumbered by the wild, free horses on all continents. Due to their wild, passionate, untameable nature, horses become a synonym for freedom. It was their natural wilderness that inspired numerous artists to portray freedom and rebellion precisely through the symbolism of horses. You’ll often come across artistic pieces portraying horses in their natural habitat, with long, silky mane, strong legs, and determination in their eyes, galloping into the sunset. Today, even though they’ve mostly been domesticated, horses still tend to have a mind of their own, and obey just those witty enough to win them over with kindness and friendliness.

In numerous cultures, horses represent heroism, competition, endurance, power, and nobleness. For instance, in Native American culture and tradition, a horse was considered a spiritual being, and it was their token of war. For them, the number of horses determined their strength, especially in battles, and they were also a symbol of wealth and prosperity. One of the most impactful Native American myths talks about the “blue horse”, who was considered a hero that had saved white people in distress, even though they were enemies of his tribe. The symbolism of horses in the African tradition is not any less appreciative of horses, as they stand for victory, heroism, and fortitude. The respect for these animals was so great in ancient times that Rameses the second preferred to dine with his horses instead of officers due to their character and nobility.

In a Green Meadow horses-inspired ketubah design is a piece inspired by the work of an extraordinary German artist, Franz Marc. This horses ketubah design incorporates all the elements we appreciate in a modern ketubah: a bold, vibrant color scheme, romantic scenery, and beautiful art inspired by the serenity of nature.

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