Our Passion For Creating Modern Art Ketubahs

This Is Not a Ketubah Yes It Is (TINAK) is a collective of Argentine and New York Jewish artists who love both following the ancient Jewish traditions, and taking high art to the next level—in the most fun of ways, while doing everything with Tzedakah in mind at every moment.

We started making Ketubahs (we usually say, “Ketubot”, the plural in Hebrew) for our own friends: first on traditional themes like trees, and eventually making them more innovative, interesting, new. So many of our Argentine friends loved our Ketubot that we decided to put some online to help spread our art and our style to everyone in the USA who wants a modern yet high-quality Ketubah.

But it is not enough for us to merely create modern Ketubahs and put them online: we are obsessed with giving our friends, partners, clients, exactly the right Ketubah they want, designed just for them. For every couple we work with on a commissioned ketubah, for example, we conduct in detail interviews (and, if they are in Buenos Aires or we are in New York, spend time with them in person) so we can get to know, to understand who we are creating the Ketubah for. To give you the right Ketubah, we can’t just know what type of art you like; we must understand you.

But This Is Not a Ketubah Yes It Is isn’t only about creating amazing Ketubot/Ketubahs, personally for those who want them; we are dedicated to helping the Jewish orphans of Argentina. We donate our profits to Ieladeinu and BabyCenter, Argentina’s Jewish orphanages. We aren’t merely creating art; we’re saving Jewish children, one yeled at a time.

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