In a Galaxy Far Away: Milky Way Ketubah

In a Galaxy Far Away: Milky Way Ketubah

The Universe has always fascinated mankind – long before we even knew much about it. Today, we’re lucky enough to know much, and the luckiest of us even had the opportunity to visit some of the neighboring planets, and even the Moon. If you’re passionate about planets, galaxies, and everything Space-related, you’ll fall in love with our Milky Way-inspired ketubah collection. As always, our ketubah designs represent a unique blend between traditional ketubah motifs and unique, innovative modern-art techniques.

Milky Way is our home galaxy, and it includes our entire Solar System. The name Milky Way comes from its appearance from Earth, where it appears as a white, starry, disc-shaped band. Galileo Galilei was the first person to resolve this band of stars into individual stars. However, until the early 1920s, many scientists believed that the Milky Way hosted every single star that existed in the Universe. Contrary to this belief, Milky Way is one of the many galaxies out there, but certainly the one we know most about.

Milky Way contains 100-400 billion stars, which is a concept quite hard to imagine, and it is the second-largest galaxy in the Local Group. Compared to the Sun, The Milky Way is approximately 890 billion to 1.54 trillion times the mass of this gigantic star. It is, in fact, impossible to calculate the exact number of stars and planets contained inside the Milky Way. In addition to planets and stars, it also contains a great amount of gas and dust.

The heart of our galaxy consists of gas, dust, and stars. The very center of the galaxy, however, is a giant black hole, that may have started as much smaller. Even though scientists weren’t able to see it, due to its gravitational power it is certain that black holes can consume just about anything in Space. The current number of stars in the Milky Way isn’t finite, as new stars are created constantly. Even though we are a part of this galaxy, the Earth is moving through the galaxy sideways, and we’re 30,000 light-years away from the center.

Under The Moonlight ketubah design is a gorgeous Milky-Way-inspired ketubah piece for Space enthusiasts, as well as fans of modern art. It features eye-catching color designs, vibrant and bold color combinations melting into an ethereal piece of art.

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