Ketubah Love: “Exceeded Our Expectations!”

Thank you, thank you!! This ketubah far exceeded our expectations! It’s so bright and expertly executed! We love it and can’t wait to display it along with our other artworks.

The perfect start to our marriage,

Marina and Leo Kamenetskiy, Ketubah Love from Brooklyn, New YorkThe Entwined Hands Ketubah.


Ketubah Love: “Its Beautiful!!”

Hello Team Ketubah,

Yes the Ketubah was delivered.

WE have not seen it because we had you delivery it to our wedding location in North Carolina, and we are in Los Angeles, CA!

We’ve seen a photo of it and heard its beautiful.

David and Bernard, Ketubah Love from Charlotte, North CarolinaThe Parade Ketubah.


Ketubah Love: “Process Easy and Smooth”

Hello Team Ketubah,

Yes we did receive the beautiful, Vibrant Hamsa Ketubah. And it truly is gorgeous.

Thank you for making the entire process easy and smooth. We could not have done it without you.

Have a great day,

Seth and Nitu Jablon, Ketubah Love from Ellicott City, MarylandThe Vibrant Hamsa Ketubah .


Ketubah Love: “More Impressive Than it Looked on the Internet!!”


We just wanted to tell you that the Ketubah is beautiful, even more so and more impressive than it looked on the internet–which is very rare these days. This was particularly amazing because we were a rush job and you got it to us early none-the-less. We and everyone who saw it are very impressed and moved by it.

Thank you,

Mark and Carolyn Becker, Ketubah Love from Indio, CaliforniaThe Birds of Paradise Ketubah.


Ketubah Love: “It Is Everything We Hoped For.”

Hi there!

We just want to say thank you SO much for our beautiful ketubah, we cannot believe you got it to us so fast and efficiently. It is everything we hoped for.

When we sign it in January we will send you a photo!

It arrived perfectly and not damaged.

With thanks!

Aviva-Liora and Andreas Ketubah Love from SwedenThe Rothko Blooms Ketubah

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