Psychic Reality in Modern Art: Chagall Inspired Ketubah

Psychic Reality in Modern Art: Chagall Inspired Ketubah

Many of our ketubah designs are inspired by great artists – especially those who’ve contributed to modern art. Marc Chagall is one of our favorite modern artists and his remarkable work is the sole inspiration for our beautiful Chagall-inspired ketubah collection. Whether you’re a fan of Chagall’s work, you enjoy modern art, or you’re simply looking for a bold, breathtaking ketubah design, you’ve come to the right place! Our unique ketubah designs represent a beautiful blend between Jewish tradition and daring modern art.

Marc Chagall was a Belorussian-born French painter, designer, and printmaker. It is safe to say that Chagall’s work was based on his own emotions and views, rather than on any conventions and rules. His innovative work is considered the introduction of psychic reality in modern art, but painting wasn’t his only devotion. Chagall expressed his artistic nature through numerous mediums, including sets for plays and ballet, Bible illustrations, and stained-glass windows.

What seems to have inspired his work the most is his life in Paris, where he created some of his most remarkable and iconic pieces, including Self-Portrait with Seven Fingers (1912), I and the Village (1911), Hommage à Apollinaire (1911–12), Calvary (1912), The Fiddler (1912), and Paris Through the Window (1913). One of the main characteristics of his unique style is his choice of colors and their thin application. When choosing characters in his work, he often selected his young self, and he often vividly pictured his early childhood memories in his paintings.

The harsh Nazi mentality during World War II towards European Jews forced Chagall and his family to move to the United States, where he lived in New York. After the death of his wife, Chagall’s work was mostly inspired by the memories of her, especially in the Vitebsk setting. His greatest pieces during this period of his life include Around Her (1945), The Wedding Candles (1945), and Nocturne (1947). Chagall was also heavily involved in theater design, mostly for the Paris Opéra and the New York Metropolitan Opera. In 1977, he was honored with a retrospective exhibition at the Louvre in Paris.

The Evening Doves ketubah design is romantic, mesmerizing, and almost ethereal. This design captures Chagall’s characteristic use of colors, and an unmatchable ability to make different shades, objects, and textures just fall into one effortlessly. For more Chagall-inspired pieces, make sure to visit our online gallery and pick your perfect ketubah design!

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