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Hi! You’re reading the Terms & Conditions for ThisIsNotAKetubah.com . We believe the right way to do a T&C is to do a TLC: Tender Love & Care. Our T&C is really all about the TLC that we give to every client.

These T(L)C details are written by Team Ketubah – not by a lawyer. We are writing them in plain English, and not in Legalese, because we just hate legalese; we think that terms and conditions, and all legal documents, should be written in simple, clear, and comprehensible English that you can understand. Plus, we are artists, not lawyers!

Most important for our T(L)C is are our core principles that we are dedicated to, and that we pledge to never violate. These are:

  • We pledge to do everything humanly possible to get each client the best Ketubah possible, at the most reasonable price. This is our mission and we try our hardest to achieve it.
  • We pledge Fanatical Customer Service. Your wedding is very stressful and we do everything we can to make the process smooth, simple, and even fun for you! We’ll answer any questions, hold your hand—anything we possibly can do to make the Ketubah experience one of the best parts of your wedding experience. This includes being in lots of frequent contact, and being very accessible and quick to respond whenever you contact us.
  • We pledge to never charge any hidden fees. We hate cell phone bills and all hidden fees, and we will never do so. Of course, if any client wants a special change, an addition or subtraction, or something done in a different way than what we do and say, then there could be cases where we might need to charge more (what if you want a 20 foot by 20 foot canvas so we need to buy one; or what if you want your Ketubah in Armenian so we need to hire an Armenian translator). Our usual fees are listed, inclusively, on the Lets Get Started Creating an Awesome Ketubah page--with nothing (usual) left out.
  • We pledge to give a refund to any client who is unsatisfied with the final Ketubah—period. Enough said. We almost want to add in "no questions" but we will ask, "why?" Similarly, we will reprint your Ketubah if you are unsatisfied with it, for any reason. There is only one requirement for a refund or a reprint: you need to mail back to us the Ketubah (at your own cost) before a new one can be mailed out. This refund does not apply to custom art we create just for you, such as a custom Ketubah, color tweaks or design tweaks, or personalization or any other such custom or unique work we do for you. Note this only applies if you buy directly from us, not through a partner website (in which case, you need to follow the partner's return policy).

The Key Trade
Any client of ours is engaging in a simple trade: you pay us the cost of the Ketubah that we tell you beforehand; and we will give you the Ketubah. That’s it.

I Helped Stop Legalese!

What You Need To Do
For us to give you the Ketubah, there are a few things that you need to do. These include:

  • You need to pay us the total amount that we tell you the Ketubah will cost. These fees (excluding for special requests) are listed on our web site.
  • If we are personalizing your Ketubah, we will send you an online questionnaire with all of the personalization information we need in order to personalize your Ketubah. This is just things like, your names, your names in Hebrew, the location you will be married, the date, and so forth. It is important you fill out that form fairly quickly after paying and don’t wait until the last minute; we need that information to personalize the Ketubah and if you fill it out at the very last minute before the wedding, we won’t have enough time to personalize it, so it will be a rush Ketubah (and therefore, the usual Rush Ketubah fee might apply—if you paid us three months ago and your wedding is in 4 days and you still haven’t gotten us the personalization information despite our 20 emails reminding you to, then we’re going to need to bust our balls these last 4 days to make sure the Ketubah is done and there on time, so the standard Ketubah has, in this odd case, turned into a Rush Ketubah. It hasn’t happened thus far, as of the time we wrote this T(L)C, and hopefully never will!)
  • If you want your rabbi to review the text, you need to contact your rabbi and send him the text. We will, of course, help you do so as well, and talk directly with your rabbi as needed!
  • Please remember that, the art of the final Ketubah you receive might differ, in minor ways (such as, the length of the border, or the exact placement of each word in the text) than the image on the site. We need to tweak the art often, to make each piece of text fit in perfectly.

What We Need To Do
We need to:

  • Create and Deliver your Ketubah. That is the whole point of this!
  • Ensure the Ketubah, and the text, has all of the correct information that you gave to us, plus the correct design. If we’re personalizing the text, then of course that information needs to be correct—at least based on the information we’ve been given (since we do not have the ability to read your minds, we only know what we’re told!).
  • Deliver your Ketubah before the wedding date. Insofar as possible, we will deliver it with lots of time to spare before the wedding.

We hate spammers with a passion -- and we are privacy fanatics. We promise to never give away or sell your contact information to anyone; nor to send you spam trying to sell you on anything! We promise to use your email to respond to your questions and help through the entire Ketubah process. And the same applies to your phone number as well.

Some terms we use in this T(L)C and on this site may not be clear, so it might be helpful to clarify them:

  • Ketubah: a Jewish wedding contract. If you have gotten this far and still don’t know what a Ketubah is—then you’re at the wrong site, and this probably isn’t for you!
  • Personalization: this is when, we “fill in the blanks” into your Ketubah. A Personalized Ketubah includes, in our calligraphy and as part of the Ketubah, your names and all information directly integrated seamlessly into the Ketubah.
  • An unpersonalized Ketubah, therefore, is one with blank spaces at the appropriate points where the rabbi can fill in the blanks himself.
  • Client: This is someone who has paid us. This T(L)C is only between This Is Not a Ketubah and our Clients – so if you’re not a client nor a potential client then, this isn’t for you! But feel free to enjoy looking at our awesome Ketubot on our web site anyway!

We promise to be easy to contact—part of our mission is to make the Ketubah process smooth, quick, easy—and even fun. You can contact us any time, in one of many ways:

  • Email: team@tinak.org -- emails here go to ALL of us!
  • New York office: 280 Madison Ave, New York, New York 10016 (appointment only—we may not be there!)
  • Argentina arts studio: Jorge Newbery 1817, Buenos Aires, Argentina 1425 (appointment only—we may not be there!)
  • Phone: +1 (347) 627-0022

Not an Easter Egg
If you’ve read this far into our T(L)C, then you must be very dedicated and very interested in us. Therefore, we will share with you a secret, if you promise not to go around telling anyone else online: all of our Ketubot come with an awesome small gift. You will love it—we promise. When you the Ketubah arrives, don’t forget to look inside the package for it. Don’t worry, we’ll remind you, too!

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