Material Options

We want your Ketubah to be absolutely perfect, for wedding day and beyond!! Team Ketubah has put together some incredible printing options, for every taste and everyone’s budget! See images of the various paper types below, and read more about each type on the page for each: Verona Giclée Fine Art Paper, Hahnemüle Giclée Fine Art Paper (Mounted), Wrapped Canvas, Rolled Canvas, Wood or Metal.

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Here are all the options at a glance:

PAPER has traditionally been the preferred material for Ketubot, since it is the medium that has been around the longest. Paper offers a variety of possibilities that are as endless as the imagination. We choose to offer two different papers, with two very different price points to accommodate everyone’s taste.



The VERONA GICLÉE FINE ART PAPER tries to accommodate our primary goal of having every couple begin their married life proudly displaying Judaica in their home, we have done extensive research and found a Verona Fine Art Paper that we feel confident in using. At 230 GSM it is not as thick as the Hahnemüle Giclée, but it still provides some texture. This material does not have a border around the design, the image is printed all the way to the edge of the paper, and ships rolled in a tube. Printed using archival and fade resistant ink. Price should not be a boundary for beautiful art.



The standard in artistic reproductions, Hahnemüle Giclée Fine Art Prints use an ink-jet process to faithfully re-create prints with a special focus on texture and color. Printed using fade-resistant, archival acid free inks that are pigment based. We use Hahnemühle Textured Matte paper in 310 GSM, the industry standard for feel, weight, and surface texture. These prints are printed with a proportional border to facilitate framing and focus the viewer into the image -as well as giving a “frame” before it is framed-, then mounted to a hard backing that allows you to display it during the ceremony and help you keep it wrinkle free :) Ships flat in a sturdy cardboard box with protective overlay. The best pick for experienced collectors, and couples with an eye for fine art. We mount the Ketubah for you, so it is ready to be displayed! (this option can be printed without the mountboard if you prefer, ask Nina)


CANVAS is by far our favorite material to print our Ketubot on. Canvas prints use the same archival, fade resistant pigment ink as the paper Ketubot. Design to reproduce the look and feel of oil and acrylic paintings, on cotton canvas, the results are stunning.


ROLLED CANVAS The classic choice for the discerning couple who wants awesome quality at a great price point. Not to mention our Number One choice for the adventurous couple that is flying to an exotic part of the world to have a fabulous location wedding. Rolled canvas comes in a thick protective cardboard tube that is easy to carry around airports and helps protect your Ketubah against the strains of travel. The Canvas is printed leaving a 2 inch border around the image that your framer can later use to wrap the canvas, or cut it of to fit in a frame -and you can practice your signatures on the edges :)


WRAPPED CANVAS Our most Modern (and freakin’ gorgeous!) option, Team Ketubah prints to textured canvas, and stretches it on a 1.5? wooden frame. The result is a beautiful 3-D work of art ready to hang on the wall, Adding a bold feel, stunning wrap-around design to any room, your Ketubah will be the centerpiece of the home you build together! The best option for the couple whose love will be displayed forever, and gorgeously modern! Click to see more!


Wood CornerWood, an amazing material that until now has not been used to make Ketubot. Although you can argue that the original parchment used centuries ago was wood, this offering is a stunning new proposal. A sustainable 1-inch think piece of wood is printed on and then coated to provide a stunning result. The lighter colors allow the grain to come through the image to give you that rustic feel. The Ketubah is printed leaving a small proportional -about 1/2 inch- border around the design to frame the Ketubah for you. The Ketubah comes ready to hang right out of the box once you sign it :)



Metal_WholeAre you the kind of person that loves a modern loft, minimalism is a way of life, and ruff material like exposed brick and poured cement are key feature in your design, the Metal Ketubah is just the thing for you!




Once you have picked the material you would like your Ketubah printed on, don’t forget to choose a size available for your Ketubah, here are some fun comparisons to put it into perspective on our Size Blog Post.