We strongly believe in putting our money where our mouth is.

And we are so deeply convinced that you will be jumping with joy with your Ketubah, that we make you this promise:

We will give you a refund, 100% guaranteed — with no questions asked.

You just need to say you don’t like it, and will give you a refund. It doesn’t get more awesome than that!

Give us a try, and if you don’t like it, then just get another ;)

Since we hate hidden small print, there are six minor details that could apply to one-in-a-thousand cases, that we need to mention so we don’t surprise you later on. First, this doesn’t apply to commissioned Ketubot (but we offer another refund policy for Commissioned Ketubot). Second, we might ask you to mail us back the original printed Ketubah. Third, if you hire us to create your Ketubah in a rush, or to change any aspect of the ketubah for you, such as changing the art on a ketubah to make it unique for you (Design Tweaks and Color Changes), or personalizing the text, then the refund might not apply to that part of the payment (but it will apply to the remainder, of course). Fourth, our one-week super-rush ketubot are not refundable because they require us dropping most of what we do for a week just for you. We don’t keep a stock of Ketubahs; we create each Ketubah individually for the couple! Fifth, sometimes when we’re in a good mood, we reprint a Ketubah, with certain changes, for free just because you want it changed even though we printed exactly what you ordered and we did nothing wrong – and in those cases, if we do choose to send you a reprint for free, then you can’t ask for a refund (in other words: if you don’t like the ketubah, you can either get a refund or maybe we will send you a changed version for free – but not both). Sixth, if you have approved a Ketubah to print via our approval link, and you have received a printed ketubah, but would like to have any changes done that requiere us to reprint the Ketubah there are two options:

* We can give you a refund according to our policy, and we will be very sad to see you go  :(

* Or you will have to pay the cost of a reprint Ketubah. That is half the base cost (material plus size) and any extra add ons that might be needed like Text Personalization, Rush shipping.

Also note that this applies, obviously, only to a Ketubah you buy from us – if you buy it via one of our partners, you need to follow their return policy.

Why not give it a shot? We know you’ll love it, and you really have nothing to lose!

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