Team Ketubah — everyone seems to call us “TINAK” these days, short for our name This is not a Ketubah (Yes it is!) — is proud to have a unique offer, to be the only people in the Ketubah industry to make you the following promise:

We will keep a complete digital backup copy of your Ketubah (including both the digital artwork and the text), for the entire lifetime of your marriage (hopefully your entire life!). We can reprint your Ketubah whenever you want, for whatever reason you want or share the text with anyone you want for the rest of your lives.

This is great not just in case of a fire or emergency — what if a rabbi needs to see proof you were married! — but also, in case you want to create another piece of art based on your Ketubah for your anniversary or at any point in the future!

To achieve this goal, we are working with our online storage specialist partners. But, suffice is to say, we’re backing up all Ketubot on-site and off-site, using multiple back-up methods, and keeping the original files in two continents so that we will always have an extra copy. Just in case.

Note: there might be a charge for printing another copy of your Ketubah!

SO remember: you never know when you might just need an extra copy of your Ketubah!

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