Most Ketubot are basically the same: trees, flowers, each one feels like the last 613 we saw before it.

But here at ThisIsNotAKetubah, we love creating Ketubot that are different, unique–that reflect your personality.

The more unique and different the Ketubah, the more we will love creating it! The more original of a Ketubah you want, the more original of a Ketubah we will design and create for you! You probably don’t want a Ketubah just like everyone else’s– and we don’t want to create a Ketubah just like everyone else’s, either.

We encourage everyone to create Ketubot that best reflect your personalities. What kind of design styles do you love? What bands or music do you love? What is your favorite color? Your favorite food? Pet? Trip?

The Ketubah should be about you two–about memorializing your passion and your relationship in this ancient contract. It should reflect who you are.

You are limited only by your own imagination!

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