Finding the right text for you and your partner is so important. That’s why we have 100+ different texts available!!

Check out our MOST POPULAR TEXTS in both Hebrew and English in the PDF below.

From the traditional Aramaic to the Conservative Lieberman to the any other text you’d like to use!

Want to include a text in Spanish, French, Russian, Chinese? We can do it!

Want it with or without the Lieberman Clause? Done!

Want to use the Rabbinic Council of America or the Rabbinic Assembly or the Israeli texts? We have all of them!

Want to use your own text? Definitely!

Making your Ketubah perfect is what we’re all about and we’ll obsess over it to make it happen! :-)

You can also view our full listing of texts here. And if you have any more questions, just ask us here!

Our Most Popular Texts:

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We will write, and/or translate, any text for you for your Ketubah — Just Ask Lucy!

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