Chairman.. and Lead Muse

Morgan Friedman

Morgan Friedman, a New Yorker who lives in Buenos Aires, first starting thinking about Ketubot since he saw his parent’s Ketubah in their house growing up. Morgan is a bit obsessed with combining modern art with ancient traditions to create amazing ketubot. Okay, very obsessed!

The Artistic Director

Yael Magenheim

Yael Magenheim, an Argentine artist, has been designing Ketubot for fun since her first childhood friend got married. When not figuring out how to create the most fun Ketubah ever, she spends her time drawing, her first childhood passion that she still obsesses over today. Yael’s first love is Klimt, who has influenced and changed her life both artistically and emotionally. Although she stumbled into the Ketubah world accidentally, she spends her days and nights dreaming up new, better, more fun Ketubot.

Ketubah Evangelist

Nina Osorovsky

Nina Osorovsky’s discovered Ketubot in a roundabout way: through cooking. Her obsession with finding the right ingredients and creating new and fun ways to bring them together, to cook food that is tasty and, of course, Kosher has led Nina (when she is not working closely coordinating the arts team) to take on the unofficial title of the Team Ketubah Chef.

Hebrew Editing Wizard

Sole Chaskielberg

Israeli born and raised with South American parents, Sole returned to Argentina to rediscover her roots. While at the Tinak HQ Sole spends her time editing hebrew texts and trying her hand at any crazy language thrown our way. When she isn’t editing Ketubot like some sort of word wizard, Sole can be found doing yoga, throwing around a frisbee, or dodging crazy Argentine drivers on her bicycle!

Queen of Cheese

Autumn Kremnitz

Half-American, Half-Argentine, Autumn Kreminitz is another fellow, native New Yorker. Growing up in a multi-cultural home Autumn grew to love a weird blend of things, like eating Matzah — but with Argentine Dulce de Leche on top. When she’s not geeking out about the history of art styles and artists (Rothko is by far her favorite!), she’s brainstorming with the lead artist about fun, new Ketubah ideas. Of all the different hats Autumn wears in the Tinak office, her favorite, and most well deserved of course, is her famous title as the “Queen of Cheese”.

Ketubah Robot

Ketubah Robot

The Ketubah Robot is part of our secret sauce: he is efficient, organized, and always on top of everyone to make sure nothing is every late or forgotten. We try our hardest to keep him happy, by constantly feeding him computer oil and by doing everything he tells us to…. or else.