Real Weddings: Anne Marie & Roger Horowitz

It brings us pure joy to create a work of art that will play an integral role in a couple’s wedding and marriage, and every so often Team Ketubah comes across a couple that we truly bond with. We are beyond excited to share with you the fun details of their wedding and the story behind their happily-every-after — it touched our hearts deeply and we are positive it will do the same for you as well!

Since the start of doing Real Wedding interviews with our couples, we’ve heard many of the classic “met through friends”, “went to school together” stories, but  Anne Marie and Roger were definitely not one of those…

We met on the Obama for America campaign back in 2008, during a staff training in Las Vegas. We only talked for ten minutes, but recognized each other a year and a half later at a bar in DC and immediately hit it off again.

Well… that sounds like fate! We could tell right away that Anne Marie and Roger were definitely not the typical couple you come across, and that their adorable love story was far from over. Of course we HAD to ask — how did he propose?! Anne Marie told us about what was supposed to be a normal night of exchanging belated Hannukah gifts turned into a night she would remember forever. Rather than there being one gift, there were three:

The present was three jars to collect change in – one labeled charity, the next labeled home, and the final one was for a honeymoon. Of course, the last label gave the secret away and he got down on one knee and proposed – just before 30 friends came over for a party.

Awwwww!!! That is probably the most romantic proposal story we’ve heard!

Fast-forward and next thing you know, our team has the awesome opportunity of meeting and working with Anne Marie and Roger on their Ketubah. They chose one of our more unique and simply stunning designs — The Emerald Notes Ketubah.

Screen Shot 2014-01-18 at 7.53.38 PM


The Emerald Notes Ketubah

The more we talked with Anne Marie and Roger, the more we loved working with them and definitely became one of our favorite couples! Hearing about their big day was no different — not only did their wedding look simply gorgeous, but they even gave to charity instead of doing party favors. Anne Marie continued to tell us, “we donated to First Book Philadelphia, which provides new books to low-income children”. In tune with their book theme, we LOVED hearing about their not-so-conventional table numbers too!

Instead of numbering the tables at dinner, we used our favorite children’s books as the centerpieces. Our guests definitely were reading to each other!  

As for the honeymoon?

We jetted off to the Cook Islands, which are in the South Pacific. Lots of fresh coconuts and sand for us… On our honeymoon, we did an impromptu rain dance in our beach hut so it would stop raining. It totally worked.

Hahaha… AWESOME! We LOVE hearing stories like this from our couples! :)

From Team Ketubah to Anne Marie and Roger — Mazel Tov on your big day! Your love story was definitely one of the most sweet and heart-warming stories we’ve heard. Not only were you both beyond a pleasure to work with, but we feel so grateful that we were able to create something so special for your wedding day. We wish you both a lifetime of adventure, laughter, and love.

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