Real Weddings: Erica & Matthew Stein

It brings us pure joy to create a work of art that will play an integral role in a couple’s wedding and marriage, and every so often Team Ketubah comes across a couple that we truly bond with. We are beyond excited to share with you the fun details of their wedding and the story behind their happily-every-after — it touched our hearts deeply and we are positive it will do the same for you as well!

We love being able to work with couples who are as passionate about Ketubahs as we are! Married in California, Erica and Matthew went with the modern and bold Britto-Inspired Ketubah (one of Team Ketubah’s absolute favorites!). Usually when a couple shares some pictures of the Ketubah on their special day they’ll send us only a few, but Erica and Matthew were so awesome that they sent us a link to all the photos from their wedding! From start to finish their day looked absolutely beautiful, romantic, and fun — just as a wedding should be. We had a hard time choosing only a few (we loved them all!), but here are a few of our favorites:


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The Lovers Dance Ketubah

 We were so proud to see the Ketubah in their wedding photos, especially during the signing! Beyond the wedding it fills our hearts with warmth to know that our couples love their Ketubahs not only for its symbolism, but as an awesome work of art. Michael shared with us his thoughts:

We absolutely love the Ketubah and have already mounted it in our living room for all to see.

It is with great joy that we say Mazel Tov Erica and Matthew! Thank you for choosing us to make something that would play a symbolic and important role on you big day. We wish you a lifetime of fun, excitement, and love!

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