Real Weddings: Jessica & Tosh Marks

It brings us pure joy to create a work of art that will play an integral role in a couple’s wedding and marriage, and every so often Team Ketubah comes across a couple that we truly bond with. We are beyond excited to share with you the fun details of their wedding and the story behind their happily-every-after — it touched our hearts deeply and we are positive it will do the same for you as well!

Jessica and Tosh were definitely an awesome couple to work with — they ordered one of our favorite Ketubahs, as well… the Vibrant Hamsa Ketubah! We loved working with them so much, we just HAD to ask more — how they met, how they got engaged… the works!

Most couples we meet always tell us that is was more or less your classic “love at first sight” story. However, for Jessica and Tosh it was a little bit different:

The first time we officially met was in May of 2009 through a mutual friend (who ended up being our Best Man as a matter of fact). We chatted a bit that night, but that was about it until later that summer. Our friend had asked me to be on his touch football team which Tosh happened to be on as well. Tosh and I became friends and got pretty close over the next 6 months or so, but I wasn’t interested in dating (at all)! We didn’t get together until that January.

We love that they both got to know each other better through being on a touch football team — definitely a great representation of their adventurous and fun styles! So of course, we weren’t surprised when Jessica continued to tell us about the most ridiculous thing they ever did together — “Swam almost a mile around the coast of St. Martin to get to Happy Bay. When we finally got there, we realized it was a nude beach!

Hahahaha, AWESOME!

So onto our most FAVORITE part — how did Tosh propose?!

Tosh proposed to me on Randall’s Island in NYC – we always have football games there and it’s a big part of how our relationship started. He had our league write a fake email to the team switching the day and time of the game to get me to the field. Once we got there, he proposed… I was in complete shock! As we walked along the water after the proposal, my parents were sitting on a bench waiting for us. As we walked a little further, all of our friends and family were there to celebrate with us. Tosh had planned a huge surprise engagement party right there on Randall’s Island – champagne, catered lunch, the works. It was the most amazing day!


Jess signing Ketubah

Tosh Signing Ketubah

KetubahThe Vibrant Hamsa Ketubah 

Their wedding looked absolutely beautiful, and Jessica began to tell us about some of the more unique, personal touches that they included in their big day:

A friend of ours is an illustrator and was nice enough to create custom illustrations of our life together – one of  us walking the dog, one of us cooking dinner, playing football, laying on the beach, etc. Instead of table numbers, each table had a framed illustration on it and our guests’ placecards had a mini-version of the illustration that corresponded to each table. Our guests matched their placecard with the illustration on the table to find their seat. This was a nice little personal touch that we loved!

What an awesome idea! We love hearing about different, fun things our couples do on their wedding day, and how that represents them as a couple.

From Team Ketubah to Jessica and Tosh — Mazel Tov on your big day! We loved working with both of you and were completely honored that you chose us to create something so meaningful for your wedding day. We wish you both a lifetime of laughter, adventure, and love!

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