A Caramel Apple Ketubah? We’re Hungry for a Nosh Already…

Maybe it’s time to revamp the Standard Friday Afternoon Question: what are you doing this weekend? There is nothing quite like a crisp November weekend! Fall is in full swing, and if you happen to live in the northern part of the States, the leaves have already started to change with a flurry of awe-inspiring beauty and color. For our artists, preparing for Shabbat means winding out of the intense focus of the workweek to let our imaginations and creativity run wild, and the gorgeous colors of fall certainly make it easy!

As part of a pre-Shabbat brainstorming session, Team Ketubah asked ourselves: instead of asking each other “what are you doing this weekend” to the more fun version, full of inspiration and excitement, where the sky is the limit: “What would be your dream weekend?”

If you’re like us (well, this Ketubah blogger at least!) there is a sweet weakness which goes hand-in-hand with Snuggie-worthy nights and left-over Jack-o-Lanterns: caramel apples. Naturally, this idea wound its way into our Fall Weekend brainstorming session, and before you knew it we were dreaming up a scratch-and-sniff original Ketubah inspired by this great photo posted by the incredible wedding bloggers over at Broke-ass Bride.

So while a scratch-and-sniff Ketubah might be a little absurd, it doesn’t mean that designs shouldn’t be vivid enough to capture the deluxe feelings inspired by all five senses. From modern designs inspired by great artists of contemporary history to our own unique colorful Ketubahs.

So take Shabbas to dream about your favorite things you’d like to see on your Ketubah, whether they are caramel apples or snowmen (in the months to come!)

Shabbat Shalom!

Team Ketubah

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