A Splatter of Color in Your Life: Colorful Ketubah

A Splatter of Color in Your Life: Colorful Ketubah

In a world of black and white (and perhaps some grey), it is our own job to make our lives colorful. If you're someone who enjoys thinking outside the box and going for unconventional alternatives, you'll absolutely love the concept of our colorful ketubah. Here at This Is Not a Ketubah, Yes It Is! we have developed an innovative approach to a traditional symbol that ketubah is. We love everything a ketubah represents, but we've decided to "dress" it differently and give it more individuality by incorporating modern art, which is often colorful and eye-catching. Modern art, in fact, represents a rebellion against conventions and rules, and colorful designs are just that - a way to flee the dullness of conventional.

Whether it is your outfit, your living room, your garden, or your life in general - a pop of color makes such a great difference. Scientists have discovered that colors have a great psychological effect and that colorful ambients indeed can affect the mood. For instance, compare your mood during gloomy, grey seasons, and in the springtime, when everything's bright and colorful. Colorful settings tend to trigger imagination and inspiration, raise our spirits, and boost our creativity and energy.

In life, we shouldn't be afraid of making an impact and standing out, which is exactly what colorful, bold designs give us the opportunity to do. If simplicity isn't what truly defines your style, beliefs, and personality, then you shouldn't settle for it, and you should definitely opt for colorful options. Colorful ketubah designs allow you to truly express yourself and your romance. Sometimes, our emotions are so complex and outstanding that one single color cannot do them justice. Modern art usually incorporates bold, vibrant color choices and colorful designs, perfect for couples that just don't fit the mold and prefer to create their own rules.

Geometry in Horizontal ketubah incorporates two prominent, recognizable characteristics of the modern art: a striking geometrical style, and a colorful, vibrant design. This particular colorful ketubah design is a great option for you if you appreciate the addition of geometry in modern art. Also, since the symbolism of colors is extremely strong, every single color in this colorful ketubah design can signify a different phase, emotion, or memory in the life of a couple. For more breathtaking color-loving ketubah designs, make sure to check out our colorful ketubah gallery!


The Secret to Happiness: Freedom Ketubah

The Secret to Happiness: Freedom Ketubah

Throughout history, there were countless instances which proved the fact that without freedom, everything else loses its importance. Freedom seems to be the essential ingredient of life, which allows us to truly prosper and be happy. Without freedom, we are limited in every single aspect of our life, including love. They say that the most valuable things in life cannot be bought, and the same applies to freedom. Regardless of all the success, material things in our possession, social status, and everything else that has a price tag on it, freedom still remains the one thing that is the essence of life, and its value cannot be estimated.

Why is freedom, aside from love, the most-fought-for gift of life? Freedom in all its forms and shapes allows us to truly grow as humans. Faced with limitations and barriers, people tend to lower their expectations, limit their dreams and feel like they don't deserve more. Lacking creative freedom, people lose their originality and uniqueness to conform to society and be able to fit the patterns. Struggling with the lack of freedom in relationships, people feel the need to lose themselves in order to make the other person happy and keep the relationship alive. The lack of freedom, in general, makes people settle for less than they deserve and not ever experience life in all its glory. The bottom line is that freedom is what truly allows us to be our best selves and show our real faces to the world, instead of trying to live someone else's life.

Freedom may be our granted right, but often times we are in a position to fight for it. Taking a stand, speaking your mind, and holding your ground even through hard times is what will ultimately lead you to absolute freedom - the opportunity to be yourself and be loved for who you are. Freedom is ultimately the ability to show your true colors and believe in yourself, which takes a lot of courage and self-work.

Freedom is, after all, a complex notion which can have a different meaning for different people. Nevertheless, if freedom had a physical form, it would be The Flying into the Dusk ketubah design. White birds have been known as symbols of freedom for centuries, and this ketubah design portrays their magical flight. What is particularly interesting about this freedom inspired ketubah design is that the two birds are enjoying their freedom together: each of them keeping their own individuality while enjoying their union.


Learn to Ride the Waves: Ketubot with Waves

Learn to Ride the Waves: Ketubot with Waves

We've all probably been on the receiving end of a piece of advice that encourages us to take matters into our own hands and take life by the throat, because the truth is that we can either learn to ride the waves of life or let them control us. Well, we all know that these waves can get pretty wild and intimidating, and it is during the storm that we wish there was a boat coming to save us. In fact, the strongest waves we don't drown in are exactly what makes us stronger and shapes our character through life, which is something we should not turn away from.

They say that "a smooth sea never made a skillful soldier", and while that may be hard to accept, it is entirely true. Once the waves start building, getting stronger, bigger, and more powerful - that's when our survival skills are truly put to the test. Now, whether we're talking about actual sailing or life in general, it is safe to say that only hardships have a transformative power and that no lectures would be learned without those exciting waves that throw us off our feet. Waves can also signify an exciting change in our lives - the one we have been waiting for a long time. Life can get pretty stagnant and dull at times, so why not embrace the waves of change? We never know what these waves may bring but we can only hope for the best. Even the worst case scenario the waves bring to the surface can mean a lesson - a hard-learned one, but still appreciated.

At times, the best thing you can do is go with the flow and let the waves take you wherever it is you're supposed to go at that moment. Many people tend to be too controlling, lacking spontaneity and faith, trying to avoid or control the waves life throws at them. It is not always up to us to decide the directions of our journey, and all we can do is trust the waves and let the wind do its magic.

The Golden Wave ketubah is an abstract representation of a wave, capturing its force, speed, and wild nature with swift, undefined brush strokes. What contributes to a chaotic representation of a wave is also the color scheme. Ketubah with waves is a great choice for passionate surfers who understand waves better than anyone else.




A True Rebellion: Modern Ketubah

A True Rebellion: Modern Ketubah

While many people are afraid to come out of their shell and leave their comfort zone, there are also those who enjoy thinking outside of the box and exploring modern trends. Yes, traditional means cozy, safe, and familiar, which gives us a sense of security, but sometimes what we need is a breeze of fresh air - which is exactly what modern art brings to the table. The bottom line is that, at the end of the day, we can respect and cherish our roots while still wanting more, and not everything labeled modern is necessarily opposing the traditional. If you think about it, many modern trends are merely a transformation of the old.

Modern art may be perceived as a rebellion against a stagnant system, or simply an outburst of pilled up emotions. Before modern art, artists were very limited when it comes to inspiration for their work. They were mostly creating art for their patrons who had specific requests lacking creative spirit, such as their portraits. Needless to say, there was no creative freedom or room for growth when it comes to art before the modern revolution had struck the world.

What this modern revolution brought along was an opportunity for the artist to speak their mind, express their own feelings, and portray their unique, individual experiences instead of having to follow the instructions of others. Therefore, we could say that modern art is not the opposite of the traditional - it has just freed itself from the chains of restrainment. Modern artists were inspired to start exploring concepts beyond the physical and tangible, reaching the depths of the human mind and digging into the subconscious. Never-before-seen techniques, ideas, and concepts became the symbols of modern art, which outgrew all the patterns.

A modern ketubah is a perfect way to marry the traditional and the modern into a perfect mixture. With modern ketubah, you are still celebrating the traditional, well-known aspect of your marriage, while being able to stamp your own unique mark on it. The truth is that you don't have to follow in somebody else's footsteps in order to respect the tradition that means so much to you. With modern ketubah, you will do it your own way - which is the most genuine way, and you'll be proud of it for the rest of your life.

The Wisteria No. 18 ketubah is influenced by a modern artist, Mark Rothko, who is a great inspiration for modern ketubah designs due to his bold, one-of-a-kind style. Check out our modern ketubah gallery to find the perfect design for you!


Yin to Your Yang: Presenting Our Yin and Yang Ketubah Collection

Yin to Your Yang: Presenting Our Yin and Yang Ketubah Collection

You've probably heard of the expression that opposites attract, and this is exactly the belief around which the principle of yin and yang revolves. However, in life, these opposites do not necessarily need to be extremes, and yin and yang can have many things in common. What makes two people yin and yang in life is the way they complement each other, accept each other's flaws and still manage to reach harmony. The philosophy of yin and yang is actually all about the harmony that we simply cannot achieve with just anybody. Once two people have truly clicked, and there's chemistry involved, we can say we have a rare case of yin and yang.

The yin and yang philosophy is one of the most prominent beliefs present in Chinese culture and tradition. Nevertheless, the yin and yang principle of opposites has taken over the world and is no longer exclusive to Chinese philosophy. According to an ancient belief, yin and yang are complete opposites, such as male and female, water and fire, light and dark. In order for absolute harmony to be achieved, both yin and yang must be present, which means that without dark light would not exist, and it is something we should all remember through life's hardships. However, the sole presence of both yin and yang is not enough. It is the precise amount of these opposed factors that creates the atmosphere and determines whether or not there will be harmony. Only when there is a balance, and no part is superior, can there be peace and happiness, according to the famous yin and yang theory.

Finding the yin to your yang does not necessarily have to require you deciding for the person who is the complete opposite of everything you stand for. While there are many cases where we see two contrasting sides functioning perfectly, yin and yang can represent a unity which simply functions thanks to compromises, mutual understanding, and unconditional love.

The Yin and Yang Earlybird ketubah design is a colorful, vibrant piece from our Yin and Yang ketubah collection which offers many variations when it comes to stylistic preferences. If you're a couple who's looking for a ketubah design which will cherish your individuality while still celebrating your unity, this yin and yang piece could be the answer. This gorgeous modern art yin and yang ketubah design is a great way to wrap up your love story, giving it a truly unique meaning.



Endless Summer Love: Summer Ketubah

Endless Summer Love: Summer Ketubah

Summer may be coming to an end but all the memories you've created and the beautiful days you've spent are certainly here to stay. They say that summertime is like a dream: it comes and goes like a shooting star, and it never gives you enough time to truly enjoy it. While that may be true, the remains of perhaps the most exciting time of the year that summer is, linger for the rest of the year - if not for the rest of your life! Also, you know what they say about summer loves: no one gives them enough credit and it is a common belief that they disappear with the last breeze of hot August wind. However, there are so many summer loves that have lived through the summer curse, and today are a walking and breathing proof of an undying love that knows no boundaries.

Summer is the time when everyone breaks out of their shell, shakes off the remains of cold and dreary days, and starts a whole new chapter. It is a time filled with fresh energy, adventure, and activities that can only be done in the summer. Once the temperature rises and the sun comes out in all its glory, we anxiously start picking out swimsuits, planning summer vacations and rushing to the nearest beach for a quick dip, chilled drink and sunbathing. With the arrival of summer, we can see a huge shift in people's moods, plans, daily routines, and even habits. We are motivated to go out and seize the day since summer magically boosts our energy levels.

Now that the summer is coming to an end, it doesn't mean that we are closing the door and going back to our old ways completely. Summer was the time for us to recharge the batteries, shed old skin and welcome fall feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and productive. It has motivated us to get out there and embrace the fun side of life, which is not something we should do only in the summer.

Has your summer love turned out to be the love of your life? The Starfish Shore ketubah is a gorgeous summer-inspired ketubah design which portrays summer at its finest: at the beach! It is a perfect choice for couples who want to remember their destination weddings, summer loves, or just eternalize their affection for summer. In your homes and lives, summer and everything it represents can truly be neverending!


Star-Studded Love: Galaxy Ketubah

Star-Studded Love: Galaxy Ketubah

Just the observable universe is a host of over 170 billion magnificent galaxies, and who knows how many more are there waiting to be explored, or hiding from the mankind. A galaxy represents a union of both magnificent space objects such as stars on one hand, and dreadful, inexplicable concepts such as black holes, on the other. In a galaxy, just like in life, there is a balance between the good and the bad; the impressive and the frightening. Nevertheless, what matters in life is that the light always outcasts the darkness, just like the stars keeping lighting up the night sky.

Who would've thought that galaxies were not Earth's privilege? Back in the day, people used to think that the only galaxy in the universe was precisely the Milky Way. How selfish of the mankind to feel that the glory of a galaxy belonged only to them! Turns out that there is much more than what meets the human eye, and that the number of existing galaxies (at least the ones the scientists are aware of at the moment) is far larger than what the human mind could comprehend. What we can be proud of in terms of our galaxy, the Milky Way, is that it has an astonishing number of stars, estimated at 100 billion! On the other hand, there are what scientists like to refer to as dwarf galaxies, counting only a few hundred stars in total.

Since the beginning of time, humans have been particularly curious about the concept of the space and our galaxy. Now that we know that there are so many more galaxies in the universe, it seems that the curiosity gets bigger with every new discovery. While most of us aren't lucky enough to be able to experience the wonders of the space firsthand, we can still enjoy the greatest gift of our galaxy - the star-studded night skies.

The Bright Lights ketubah portrays just that: the living proof of our galaxy and its most fascinating manifestation: a night sky filled with shining stars to wish upon. This ketubah design from our special Galaxy ketubah collection is inspired by romantic summer nights under the stars, long night walks, couples wishing upon a star, and of course those couples that simply cannot hide their fascination with the mystery of the universe! In our Galaxy-inspired ketubah collection, you can discover many wonderful designs which capture the galactic magic.


Heart of a Dragon: Dragon Ketubah Collection

Heart of a Dragon: Dragon Ketubah Collection

Present only in myths and legends, dragons are considered to be fictional beings that have never lived among people. Although ancient tales report differently, history disagrees with the possibility of the existence of these mysterious creatures at any point in history. Regardless of theories, beliefs, and the lack of proof, the presence of dragons in the history of the world, no matter how fictional, is still undeniable. A dragon remains a symbol of courage, domination, and fear. In some tales, dragons are perceived as dreaded, dangerous villains fighting the human race. On the other hand, we have also heard of tales in which dragons were portrayed as fearless heroes in the eternal battle of good and bad. Nevertheless, the impressive physique and fire-breathing power of dragons have inspired countless movie scripts, novels, and fairy tales.

Cultures in different parts of the world depicted dragons quite differently. In Europe, dragons were believed to be cruel, ruthless beings living underwater or underground, lurking in the dark and waiting for their prey. In most of the tales originating from Europe, dragons are depicted as vicious, wicked creatures, often encountered at the gates of great treasures. By contrast, Asians perceived dragons as wise, noble, magical creatures worthy of admiration. In Japan, dragons were believed to be wingless beings found only in waters.

Perhaps the strongest and most positive symbolism related to dragons originates from China, where dragons are known as symbols of good fortune and positive vibrations. In the ancient times, Chinese believed the dragons to have control over natural forces such as hurricanes and floods. Even today, a dragon remains an epitome of heroism, potency, vitality, and overall sense of happiness. Modern North American culture introduced dragons as saviors and good-natured beings coming to young women's rescue, while the Aztec and Mayan cultures also held them responsible for the forces of nature in relation to water.

The Chinese Dragon ketubah is an ideal representative of the vision of dragons in the Chinese culture. In China, dragons are more than just characters in ancient tales; their symbolism lives on and continues to grow. This astonishing dragon collection ketubah piece is a daring modern-art design, perfect for fearless couples who enjoy vibrant colors in combination with bold, eye-catching shapes. The Chinese Dragon is also a design we believe couples (or individuals) with Asian heritage would enjoy the most, as it is a beautiful tribute and a strong statement.


Dance in the Rain: Rainy Day Ketubah

Dance in the Rain: Rainy Day Ketubah

For some people, rainy day automatically means a ruined day they're going to spend complaining about the weather and their compromised plans. On the other hand, there are people who know that we should take no day for granted and that even a rainy day is an opportunity to do more of what makes you happy. They say the weather dictates the mood, but even a rainy day can turn out to be memorable if you invest enough enthusiasm and optimism. At the end of the day, life is about learning how to enjoy every single moment, even on a rainy day, instead of waiting for everything to be just perfect.

Yes, sunny days allow us to go anywhere we want and engage in numerous activities, but on a rainy day, you're able to stay in and truly enjoy what's important. A rainy day is a perfect opportunity to finish that book you never got the chance to finish, catch up with old friends you haven't seen in a while, organize a movie night, or simply enjoy a romantic dinner. Rainy day allows you to slow down for a moment, set all your commitments aside, and breathe. It can be a perfect excuse for some much-needed "me-time", so you can dedicate the next rainy day to your pampering routine and favorite music. Sometimes, all we need is a moment of serenity in order to recharge, organize, and reflect on everything that has been going on lately. What better time to sit down and make plans than a rainy day?

Yes, life gives us both ups and downs, sunny and rainy days. It is truly a rollercoaster, and no matter how hard you try, the rainy days just have to happen. However, it isn't about whether or not you're able to avoid rainy days, because no one is; it is about how you choose to go through them. Finally, it is the rainy days and the hardships that define us.

The name of the ketubah from our rainy day inspired collection, Under Our Umbrella, truly emphasizes what's important in a marriage. Once those rainy days arrive, two people in love share the umbrella, as well as all the good and bad moments that come along. Under Our Umbrella ketubah emphasizes the romantic aspect of a rainy day, portraying a couple kissing in the rain and living in the moment.


Love in the Golden State: California Ketubah

Love in the Golden State: California Ketubah

California... the star-studded, glamorous, extravagant yet peaceful state that many would describe as heaven on Earth. Many dream of California's breathtaking beaches, famous venues, and movie sets. On the other hand, many residents of California would gladly trade with anyone who does not spend their days stuck in traffic. Whether you love California, yearn for it, or don't necessarily appreciate its hectic ways, one is certain: it is a truly magical place. California is a state of dreams, bigger-than-life personalities and luxury, while still preserving its rawness and genuine beauty. California may not be a place for everyone... but it certainly does offer something for everyone!

There are so many tales of courageous young people who came to California with nothing but dreams in their pockets, trying to make it big in the Golden State. California has been known as the land of opportunity and home to the American Dream for years. For many aspiring actors, singers, and artists, California has been the only possible destination for decades. Hollywood, California's shining star, remains the biggest dream factory in the world, constantly drawing new talent and producing and shaping the biggest stars the world has ever known. However, those who have truly experienced California know that there's more below the superficial mask of glitz and glamour... as enchantingly beautiful as it is.

California has what many would refer to as the perfect weather, and sunny days are a given in most parts. A vast majority of residents of California are pretty much able to enjoy the sunshine and the wonderful beaches all year round, with an exception of areas such as San Francisco, which offers a refreshing change - literally. California is indeed a perfect location for everyone who enjoys nature, impressive theme parks, best fast food in the world, famous movie locations, and celebrities. If you're lucky enough to call sunny California your home - you know what we're talking about.

California inspired ketubah collection has been designed specifically for couples who live in the Golden State or have memories which tie them to this beautiful place forever. The San Francisco Skyline ketubah will be particularly appealing to San Francisco residents or those who admire the monumental Golden Gate bridge. This ketubah piece is a perfect representative of modern art, combining sharp images and bold lights of the city skyline, while still emphasizing the romantic side of California's true star - San Francisco.


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