Unconditional Love - Pet Love Ketubah

Unconditional Love - Pet Love Ketubah

It is safe to say that a pet can enrich our lives in so many ways. Pets simply have the ability to lift our spirits, cleanse the space from any negative energy, and take us back to those carefree days of our childhood. When there’s no one else around, your pet will stay by your side, listening to every word you say, and taking your mind off of anything bad just by being their silly selves. They say that animals can’t understand what we’re saying, but pet love can surely be felt. You can feel the comforting energy and positivity of your pet spreading through the room as soon as they walk in.

Many people will agree that many times they prefer the presence of their pets over the company of people. No wonder pets have a such an important role in the lives of their owners. You’ll often see pets, such as dogs, genuinely concerned about the well-being of their owner. We’ve seen pets sob and mourn, wait for years, as well as feel extreme joy when their favorite human is back with them. There is nothing superficial or malicious about pets, which is why we often refer to them as best friends.

For ages, people have confided in their pets and considered them their closest allies. The love of an animal is truly unconditional, and it is true that pets find their entire world in their owners. We grow up with them, laugh, cry, share our most precious moments, and often our pets also witness the birth of a love between two people. Pets are also members of many newly formed families, being with them every step of the way. Animal lovers will agree that no family portrait is complete without pets in the picture.

Onto Noah’s Ark ketubah carries such an important, valuable meaning that many pet owners will cherish. Besides portraying the magnitude of the Noah Ark story, this ketubah design also could symbolize one’s love for pets. The story is a testimony to a man’s love and need for animals that haven’t changed to this day when pet owners simply can’t imagine their lives without their loyal friends.



¡Que viva México! - Mexico Inspired Ketubah

¡Que viva México! - Mexico Inspired Ketubah

Whether it is your dream destination, your home, or simply a place that fascinates you - our Mexico inspired ketubah collection will awaken some of the most cherished memories, or motivate you to make travel plans. Mexico isn’t a country that can be experienced in a day or explained in a single article. The complexity of Mexico lies in its cultural richness, unique sights, historical value, tradition, and the energy that can only be felt there.

Mexico, being one of the most popular travel destinations in the world, has so much to offer when it comes to attractions. The breathtaking natural sights of Mexico, such as the beaches of Cancun and Acapulco, inspire so many couples to spend their honeymoon in this gorgeous country. Countless historical monuments including Catedral Metropolitana and Bonampak, festivals such as the ones for Dia de Los Muertos, nowhere-else-to-be-seen azure waters of Isla de Mujeres, will make you fall in love with Mexico and reminisce about your trip even long after you’ve returned from your vacation.

Even if you’re not physically in Mexico, you can still enjoy its tradition by bringing a piece of it into your home. Mexican cuisine is one of the top-rated in the world, and the food is precisely one of Mexico’s biggest assets. Known for a kick of spice and a strong flavor, food in Mexico has found its place in hearts and on tables of many families all over the globe. You could also close your eyes and picture the atmosphere of a fiesta by playing mariachi and enjoying the recognizable world famous tunes of Mexico.

People who truly understand Mexico know that it is more than just a vacation destination. There is nothing superficial about Mexico, and every single part of it has an unforgettable vibe. Many would agree that the people of Mexico are actually the heart and soul of this country, being humble, polite, joyful, and extremely friendly.

The Luminous Day is a ketubah design in our Mexico ketubah gallery inspired by Dia de Los Muertos, one of the most important dates in the calendar of every Mexican. It represents everything that Mexico is: it is fun, vibrant, festive, and colorful. This design embodies everything that Mexico has to offer, and it can’t go unnoticed.


Where Dreams Come True: Disney Inspired Ketubah

Where Dreams Come True: Disney Inspired Ketubah

Fairy tales, mystical creatures, a place where love truly does conquer all and a happy ending is guaranteed: Disney. These wonderful tales of love, friendship, chivalry, and bravery aren’t reserved for children only; Disney is still present in the lives of those refusing to give up on its magic. They say that the key to utter happiness is nurturing the child in you, and never allowing the world to take that away, and it is exactly what Disney does - keeps our spirit youthful.

Whenever you feel like escaping the reality even for a couple of hours and diving into a world where the villains always get what deserve, and the heroes come out on top, Disney has got your back. What makes Disney so unique is the fact that stories take place all over the globe, where different cultures and traditions are depicted, and a whole new, different, magical universe full of sceneries and characters never seen before is a frequent destination.

And, of course, the Disney music. We already know that music can intensify every moment and emotion, but Disney goes above and beyond when it comes to the tunes which accompany the movies. It is no wonder that Disney music is often chosen for weddings and other major occasions in the life of a couple.

A prevalent theme which creates an unbreakable bond between all the wonderful movies from the Disney family is love. The Disney characters often come across various setbacks and barriers which may slow them down on their way to a happy ending. It is their perseverance and determination that ultimately leads to the reward, and in Disney world, it never fails to be love, happiness, and peace.

Our Disney inspired ketubah collection is inspired not only by some of the popular Disney stories but also by the common colorful imagery which symbolizes the happy ending. The Magical View ketubah is a vivid, playful representation of a celebration finalizing a Disney movie, with a castle in the background, and a sky full of fireworks. This Disney inspired ketubah design could represent the happy ending you got to experience with your loved one and the life you get to enjoy together, full of joy.


Soaring Love: Bird Ketubah

Soaring Love: Bird Ketubah

Birds have always fascinated humans in many ways. It isn’t only their mesmerizing beauty, but also the ability of the birds to go higher than any living being that has triggered many emotions in people, including envy. While the humans have discovered many ways to conquer the sky, they could never reach the level of freedom reserved only for the birds. We may have the technology, but the birds have their innate right to call the sky their home.

Throughout the history, a bird has always been a symbol of liberty, the effortless way of embracing life and sailing through it as smoothly as a bird high up in the clouds. Besides the general symbolism surrounding birds, each of the species has its own unique meaning, and many of them are even believed to have specific energies which affect the humans.

Peace, new beginnings, and forgiveness have been linked to a dove, a bird which has marked many significant historical, as well as personal events in the lives of many people. Dove is believed to eliminate the negative vibes and bring the much-needed clarity to each start, which is why its symbolic presence often graces weddings, making it the bird mostly associated with love. The majority of white bird species share the positive connotation, considering the fact that the white color stands for happiness, prosperity, and positivity.

Since the dawn of time, owls have been the birds constantly provoking curiosity in people. The veil of mystery surrounding these birds has remained present to this day, crowning the owl as the symbol of the night, as well as magic. What is also related to this bird is wisdom, adding a positive meaning to the symbolism of owls. In some cultures, roosters are the birds standing for persistence and endurance in life. Although ravens are perceived as the bearers of bad news by some, others see beauty in these birds, believing them to bring the power of transformation.

Regardless of the culture, tradition, and history, birds incorporated into the design of something of value to us can have any symbolism we decide to embrace. Bird ketubahs in our collection emphasize the beauty of different species of birds, mostly in their natural habitat. The Evening Doves ketubah portrays the birds breaking through the darkness of the night sky, almost blending in with the moonlight. The birds in this ketubah design represent a romantic, hopeful note that dominates the darkness, allowing the light to shine through. If you’re looking for a design which highlights the beauty of a bird’s flight, The Flying into the Dusk ketubah might be the best choice for you. The two birds joined in their flight symbolize the union of a married couple and their mutual efforts to build a life together.


Catch The Most Beautiful Dream There Is: Dreamcatcher Ketubah

Catch The Most Beautiful Dream There Is: Dreamcatcher Ketubah

In the Native American culture, a dreamcatcher carried a symbolism similar to the one we are familiar with today. A dreamcatcher was supposed to absorb the negative energy, free the space from the evil spirits, and above everything else – protect the believers from nightmares. The legend has it that a dreamcatcher has the power to attract the negativity as if it were a magnet, and therefore cleanse our dreams.

In many cultures, bad dreams bring bad luck, and nightmares aren’t welcome, which is why many people still rely on a dreamcatcher to bring them relief. You may find a dreamcatcher in various shapes and forms, containing different sacred elements, such as feathers. When it comes to feathers in a dreamcatcher, many people believe they represent the peace, ease, and natural flow in dreams – as well as in life.

The circle of the dreamcatcher represents the circle of life, consisting of the dream-catching web and the feathers which, aside from representing the simplicity and peacefulness of life, also could be perceived as the symbol of the gentle manner in which a dreamcatcher captures these dreams without alarming their “recipient”.

The dreamcatcher acts as a web which captures both kinds of energies – the good and the bad. All the good dreams the day brings, as well as the nightmares, are caught in the web of a dreamcatcher. Those dreams that inspire you and uplift you the next morning; those that you would gladly continue and not get out the bed – those are the dreams “allowed” by the dreamcatcher, which do not end up stuck in its web for too long. However, the web of a dreamcatcher is too thick for nightmares to pass through, guaranteeing a restful sleep, and the occurrence of positive dreams.

The love between two people could be described as a dream realized – the one the dreamcatcher didn’t have to protect you from. The fear of our greatest dream being interrupted by a nightmare is constant and hair-raising, but a dreamcatcher is there to provide comfort. The vault of good vibes, the keeper of the most beautiful plans for the future, and the protector from any harm and distraction – a dreamcatcher stands as a symbol of prosperity, faith, and aspiration.

The Hamsa Dream ketubah combines a beautiful gradient color scheme and a dreamcatcher portraying the hamsa, as well as unique charms which chase the bad dreams away. This dreamcatcher embodies your commitment to protect and value each other in all circumstances.


The Tunes of Love: Music Ketubah

The Tunes of Love: Music Ketubah

The inexplicable magic that ties us together and warms our hearts – the music. Many have tried to define it, figure out what is it about it that makes our emotions surface and reach new heights, but music cannot be put into words. It is a language that everybody speaks and understands, as music is felt in the heart. They say that it is impossible to travel through time, but music can take us anywhere we want. Music has the ability to awaken the past, intensify the present, and show optimistic glimpses of the future.

Music is known as the ultimate remedy, the best therapy, and even as a confidence booster. All you need to do to bring some sunshine into a grey rainy day is play your favorite tunes and let the music guide you through the hard times. Music is our trusty companion when we cry, when we laugh, celebrate, or go through a sad phase. It has the power to absorb the negativity and release happiness because music is the shelter we can always run to. Music listens selflessly and erases the sorrow, while also being an inevitable part of our greatest times and accomplishments.

Music is an irreplaceable element of every segment of life. Every show has its theme song, and we could say that every single one of us carries that one special tune, that music that aligns with our lives perfectly. Often couples choose a song which symbolizes their unique love story, and that is the music they play whenever they’re reminiscing about the past, or celebrating an important milestone. Music marks days, years and lifetimes, and sometimes all it takes to relive a priceless moment is to play a fragment of a song and embark on an emotional journey down memory lane.

The Paper Music ketubah converts the most beautiful tunes into a gold and white rhapsody on canvas. This music inspired ketubah design embodies the sensuality and romance experienced through a couple’s favorite song, and it can symbolize the tunes that brought them together during their first dance. There is hardly a better way to truly experience music than in a concert, which is exactly the atmosphere our Concert Lights design captures. In concert, you’re able to enjoy music in a unique ambient which includes the lighting, the colors, and the people who share the same emotion and passion.


Paris: Ketubah of Love and Light

Paris: Ketubah of Love and Light

Many wonder what is it about Paris that leaves people mesmerized and anxious to go back. Some would say it is the cultural heritage of Paris that could never be duplicated. Others were swept off their feet by the French cuisine they couldn’t get enough of in Paris. There are also those people, especially couples, who just couldn’t stay immune to the intoxicating smell of romance floating in the air of Paris, through every little street and avenue. In fact, a great number of couples chose Paris – the city of love, as their dream location for an engagement, a wedding, or both, “for Paris is a moveable feast”, as Hemingway would refer to it, and the sensation it triggers stays with you forever.

Many visitors have confessed that Paris is not a city you can leave without making memories for a lifetime and a strong fascination which never fades, but only grows even bigger every time you come back (and the return is definite). One of the attractions of Paris that simply have to cause absolute amazement is the world-famous Eiffel Tower - the unprecedented symbol of the French capital. It is precisely the Eiffel Tower that has witnessed thousands of couples declare their love for each other in Paris, as it was the starting point of their future together.

When envisioning a perfect location, many romantics go to Paris (at least in their minds), enchanted by the smell of French croissants, cheese, and a bottle of the finest wine. Paris is undeniably the city which celebrates love all year round and doesn’t require a special occasion for it. Whenever you decide to go to Paris, you’ll be able to see couples wandering the streets of Paris, inhaling its magic and truly enjoying every single moment.

There are many ways to enjoy Paris, but those who have been lucky enough to witness its skyline have trouble finding anything more spectacular. Our Paris Skyline ketubah portrays the landscape of Paris in the sunset sky, emphasizing its most prominent feature – the Eiffel Tower. The passionate love which can be felt only in Paris is the theme of our L'Amour Des Amantes ketubah, inspired by works of Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, an artist who developed a deep connection with Paris and managed to vividly present its heart and soul.

Whether you’re fascinated with the architecture, the history, or the fact that it has love written all over it, our Paris inspired ketubah designs will add the unique French sophistication to your ketubah, making it one of a kind.


Tattoo Lovers Ketubah – Some Loves Are Forever, and so Are Tattoos

Tattoo Lovers Ketubah – Some Loves Are Forever, and so Are Tattoos

Whether you’re a tattoo lover who prefers to express their love for this kind of art on their body, or you choose to admire it from a distance, there’s no denying that tattoos are quite captivating. While some people find tattoo art a bit too eccentric, others have become addicted to the buzz of the tattoo machine and haven’t found a way to deal with this obsession. As much as you love a certain piece of art, you can never wear it on yourself the way you can wear a tattoo. Your favorite painting can have a special place in your home, but it is not truly a part of you the way a tattoo is.

Tattoo art is one of the oldest ways of expressing yourself, your visions, attitudes, and beliefs. Over the centuries, tattoo meanings have expanded from class stamps to personal symbols. When asked about the story behind tattoo art, any tattoo lover will say that these symbols represent writings of the soul. Certain life events and people are so special that a tattoo lover decides to turn them into eternal images. Tattoo art has the power to turn spiritual into physical, which is quite magical.

Enjoying tattoo art doesn’t necessarily mean having it on your body. There are tattoo lovers whose personal beliefs clash with this kind of body modification, but they still appreciate the symbolism. Nowadays, a tattoo can be erased or replaced in a blink of an eye. Still, a tattoo stands for a permanent, life-long symbol which resists all the changes and remains with the person wearing it forever. The notion of permanence and resistance is what creates the connection between the tattoo art and romance since two people in love carry each other’s marks in their hearts for as long as they live.

The Tattoo Love ketubah is a beautiful way of incorporating this unique art into your life without even visiting a tattoo artist. This ketubah for a tattoo lover is modern, bold and different while keeping the romantic, sensual note. The Ink Works ketubah represents the beauty of tattoo art in a single piece. The lining, the symbols, and the shading would put the best tattoo designer to shame, and this is a ketubah model any true tattoo lover would love to have. Ketubah collection for tattoo lovers pushes you to think outside the box and realize your fantasy.


Wedding Ketubah to Eternalize the Most Special Day of Them All

Wedding Ketubah to Eternalize the Most Special Day of Them All

The modern world may try to diminish the tradition of a wedding, but one thing is certain – it’ll persevere. A formal union of two people may not be what some couples see as an ideal solution, but this newly established attitude doesn’t decrease the value of a wedding. While some couples choose to skip the ceremony altogether, others cherish every single bit of their wedding which, according to many, turns out to be the most special day of their lives, as hectic and nerve-racking as it is.

The wedding day represents everything coming full circle and falling into its place. Two people met, created an unbreakable bond, shared priceless moments and wanted to expand them into a lifetime, which resulted in a wedding. The wedding day is fully dedicated to the celebration of love, togetherness, and companionship. What makes it even more special is the fact that the couple gets to celebrate their decision to unite forever surrounded by their loved ones, which makes the wedding even greater.

A wedding is a genuine celebration of romance, and it never fails to melt the hearts of the guests, even those who are sworn against it. The music, the flowers, and the overall atmosphere are packed with enthusiasm, hope, and joy which fill up the wedding room as the bride and the groom enter. The excitement about the wedding cannot be concealed, and some happy tears may roll down their cheeks, but who can blame them? After all, they’re about to start this new life together, and their wedding is a gate to all the possibilities that lie ahead.

The first wedding dance has no competition when it comes to the single most romantic moment, and quite possibly the one which will unleash an explosion of emotion. The Night Waltz ketubah captures that very moment so realistically that you be able to relive your wedding all over again, each and every time when you see the design. The full moon in the night sky contributes to the utterly romantic imagery, portraying a fairy-tale wedding.  Another ketubah design which successfully captures a priceless moment is The Bright Kiss ketubah, incorporating bright colors and the boldness of a modern art piece into the intimacy of a wedding kiss.

Your wedding will be your favorite story to tell to everyone who happens to be curious about the happiest time of your life. Sealing that story with a wedding inspired ketubah will make the memories come alive, and the pictures will never turn grey.


Shine Bright like a Diamond Ketubah

Shine Bright like a Diamond Ketubah

For centuries, a diamond has been a symbol of prestige and high-class society. Not everyone could afford one since a real diamond was extremely rare, and therefore of great value. A diamond was incorporated in the crowns of the world’s biggest leaders, and the favorite jewelry of femme fatales throughout history. Its value might not have always been as high as today, but it was certain that a diamond was a precious and admirable item.

Nowadays, we see that a diamond plays a significant role in romance, given that it has become a synonym for the next phase in a relationship between two people in love. A diamond usually signifies the beginning of the road which leads to the happiest occasion of them all – the wedding day.

On the other hand, a diamond ring isn’t necessary for a person to showcase their feelings. After all, it is the gesture that counts, not the diamond or any other piece of jewelry. Your love story can be coronated with or without a diamond – it is all up to you.

The meaning of a diamond stretches far beyond the obvious. A diamond is more than just a jewel, and it can symbolize many important things. The rareness of a diamond can be used to describe the uniqueness of what two people share. Every love story has its own shape and leaves a distinct mark in people’s lives – just like a diamond.

Finding a person who is a yin to your yang and who makes you feel fulfilled is like finding a diamond in a pile of dull rocks. Some of them may catch your attention for a brief second, but none will fascinate you enough because they’re not the exquisite diamond you’re searching for.

The Crystal Dance ketubah presents the mosaic surface of a blue diamond, emphasizing its detail and complexity. The ketubah also portrays the mesmerizing dazzling reflection the diamond gives off. The Diamond Heart neutralizes the apparent coldness of a frosty diamond in the background with a pop of color in a fiery heart-shaped diamond in the focus. This particular design can also represent the union of the opposites since it is a mesh of a blue, calming diamond, and a passionate, red one. If you’re a fan of modern art in the real sense of the word, and you would like your ketubah to be particularly urban, you should definitely head over to our gallery and take a look at Go Pop ketubah design inspired by Brian Donnelly’s work

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