The Saharan Pearl: Morocco Ketubah

The Saharan Pearl: Morocco Ketubah

Morocco is a mystical land of diversity, rich culture, and breathtaking history. It is a country that embraces powerful symbolism presented through its unmatchable natural sites, historical monuments, and omnipresent folklore. Everything about Morocco is absolutely alluring, and your first visit to this Saharan pearl certainly won’t be your last. Morocco is a paradise for all your senses, and if you’re a fan of delicious, exotic food – you’re in for a treat. Today we’re discussing the most popular landmarks and symbols of Morocco, including the symbolism we included in our unique Morocco-inspired ketubah designs. Care to learn more? Keep on reading!

As we’ve already mentioned, Morocco is a land of jaw-dropping scenery, and one of the most important places you’ll want to experience is the Sahara Desert. Taking up approximately 3.6 million square miles, the Sahara Desert accounts for about 30% of the entire landscape of Africa. In Morocco, you’ll have the chance to experience colorful desert skies, camel riding over the desert dunes, and even do some shopping at Berber stands and grab some memorable souvenirs!

Whether you prefer visiting wild beaches or enjoying luxurious resorts – Marocco has it all. If you’re more of an adventure seeker, you should choose tours that include trips to fascinating wild desert beaches. On the other hand, if you’re more of a winter person, you probably prefer skiing over swimming. Yes, skiing is possible in Marocco, and their famous ski resorts are located in the Atlas mountains.

Marocco could be perceived as a perfect blend of Arabian and European cultures, which can be clearly seen in their architecture. Also, one of the best cultural blends happened in Maroccan cuisine, which is incredibly unique thanks to their careful selection of meat, vegetables, and spices. A great relaxing activity after your delicious lunch in Marocco would be paying a visit to one of their hammams.

The Maroccan ketubah design is one of our unique pieces from the Marocco-inspired ketubah collection. Even though Jews don’t have a large community in Marocco, their influence has been felt for centuries. Jews mixed with the Arab population, influencing vital aspects of the Moroccan culture, including food, dialects, and even the tunes of their prayers. This ketubah design embodies the significant Jewish influence on the culture of Morocco, including the Arabian contribution. The overall design of this ketubah is elegant, impactful, and filled with cultural and historical symbols of this land.

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