Love Is The Only Language They Understand: Animal Ketubah

Love Is The Only Language They Understand: Animal Ketubah

Today we’re talking about a ketubah category that comprises all of our favorite animal-inspired ketubah designs. Over the years, we’ve explored and discussed the symbolism of many animals – and not only in the Jewish culture. If you’re here, we’re certain you love animals as much as we do, and whether you love a certain animal or you’re intrigued by what it represents, you’re bound to find a perfect ketubah design in our animal ketubah collection. Care to learn more about our unique animal-inspired pieces? Keep on reading!

Let’s start with one of the best representatives of our animal ketubah collection – The Forest KeepersThis animal ketubah design encompasses different eye-catching symbols: forest, a flock of doves, and a buck and doe enjoying the view. This particular design radiates serenity, peace, and joy that can only be felt in a natural surrounding. The buck and doe represent a strong symbol of unity and love, as they’re sharing this beautiful moment with each other. Another animal symbol in this ketubah design are doves, which have been representing peace and love and numerous cultures for centuries.

And even if your favorite animal isn’t real – we’ve got you covered! The Moonlit Fantasy animal ketubah design is a perfect blend of the Jewish tradition, fantasy ketubah design, and modern art we nourish in all our ketubah pieces. This unicorn ketubah is simply enchanting, and it is perfect for couples who enjoy mysteries and fantasies.

The Regal Peacocks animal ketubah is both a traditional and modern ketubah piece; colorful, bold, and certainly something you’ll be proud to own. Peacocks stand for prosperity, happiness, and success, which is exactly what a newlywed couple would want their marriage to be. This animal ketubah focuses on the grace and beauty of peacocks, while also having a strong symbolic meaning.

The Lovey Dovey is an ideal choice for couples who like to stick with the basics and enjoy simplicity at its finest. This animal ketubah is just that: simple, elegant, sophisticated – yet quite meaningful. It portrays a pair of doves in love, with a mesmerizing sunset and a flock of doves in the background. This gorgeous animal ketubah design captures a perfect moment of serenity and love, and it is a perfect choice for the symbol of your unity.

Who doesn’t love dolphins? If there’s a popularity scale for animals, dolphins must be close to the top. If you’ve chosen dolphins to grace your ketubah, you’ll absolutely love this modern Dolphins animal ketubah design. For more animal-inspired ketubah pieces, make sure to check out our online gallery!

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