Breathtaking Giants: Whale Ketubah

Breathtaking Giants: Whale Ketubah

The underwater world can often leave us speechless. Just thinking about the fact that approximately 80% of the ocean hasn’t even been explored yet can give you goosebumps, as we can’t even begin to imagine the unexplored depths. However, today we’re talking about whales – inhabitants of the ocean that could hardly ever remain unnoticed, especially due to their size. These giants scare many, but fascinate even more people. If you’re a fan of the ocean, the underwater world in general, or the whales in specific, we’re quite positive that our whale inspired collection is exactly what you’ve been looking for!

Whales belong to one of the most diverse groups of ocean creatures, as they can vary in size and weight drastically. To be more specific, some whales can be 9 feet long, while the biggest ones can even reach jaw-dropping 98 feet! What’s even more impressive is that the largest whales can weigh up to 200 tons (if you can imagine that!). Given the information about their size we’ve just provided, it’s no wonder whales are the largest animals on Earth, present in every single ocean. The biggest whale is known as the blue whale, and it can stretch up to 100 feet. Speaking of whale types, there are two main categories when it comes to whales: toothed and baleen. As the name itself suggests, toothed whales are known as hunters, feeding on fish, squids, and even seals. On the other hand, baleen whales, larger than toothed, usually consume krill. There are also humpback whales that live off their fat for 5.5-7.5 months a year, migrating from tropical waters to the Antarctic.

How do whales communicate? Well, the unique “melon” in the toothed whales’ foreheads is actually a mass of tissue necessary for their communication and echolocation. Unfortunately, their communication can often be jeopardized by numerous human activities, like drilling for oil which damages their hearing. Speaking of the issues whales are facing, blue whales are a heavily exploited species. There used to be over 225,000 blue whales in the Antarctic, while today there are only around 3,000 left.

The Underwater ketubah is a unique, dreamy whale inspired ketubah design, portraying the mysterious, enchanting underwater world. This whale ketubah piece embodies the mysticism of the ocean, luring the observers into the undiscovered depths. It also portrays the shadows of two whales, roaming the underwater world together, representing unity and commitment to one another. It is truly a mesmerizing, unique design that will certainly stand out.

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