Our Magnificent Home: Nature Ketubah

Our Magnificent Home: Nature Ketubah

Nature and its beauties have always been, and to this day are, one of the biggest (if not the biggest) sources of inspiration for many artists. Nature, in all its glory, strength, and dominance, has inspired but also terrified mankind for centuries. While it can be our best ally as long as we treat it right, nature can also be a rather cruel, vengeful enemy, and we’ve felt its wrath over and over again. It is almost as if nature were able to sense our energy and reciprocate. Therefore, whenever we feel terrified or little in the face of the force of nature, we should take a deep look into our own self and our actions.

When it comes to the connection between nature and art, we can say that it is twofold and it goes both ways. Not only can nature be portrayed through artistry, but we have also witnessed numerous works of art in nature. As much as we try to replicate nature in its breathtaking artistry, we fall short. Nevertheless, works of art inspired by nature represent one of the most genuine ways of paying tribute to Mother Nature and everything it has given us.

Even though we’re faced with an environmental crisis and we’ve witnessed numerous ecological catastrophes, there’s always hope. We may have turned our backs on Mother Nature in countless occasions, but what matters is our will to change and leave this world a better place. Each tree you plant, each bottle you recycle, each flower you decide to admire from afar instead of plucking is a step towards a better, brighter future.

Nature allows us to truly know one another, away from the crowd, the hecticness of a city, and the technology that seems to be taking over our lives. Being in nature and appreciating everything it has given us seems to be the only way to go back to our roots, be in tune with our inner selves, and find the peace we’re so desperate for. Small changes, such as soaking up the sun for 30 minutes a day, taking a walk in the nearest park, or even planting a rose can make a great difference in one’s perspective and inner peace.

Just like millions of artists all over the world, we’ve also been inspired by the vast, rich symbolism nature offers. Our nature-inspired ketubah collection is a perfect choice for nature enthusiasts and anyone interested in nature-related symbolism in their ketubah design!

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