Cherishing the Fruitful Tradition: The Seven Species Ketubah

Cherishing the Fruitful Tradition: The Seven Species Ketubah

When people hear that our main focus and source of inspiration when designing ketubah is modern art, they often conclude that we’ve chosen to disregard the traditional. While it is true that all our ketubah designs are created in a modern spirit, we believe we’ve found a perfect way to marry the modern and the traditional together. Our goal is always to create something unconventional, unique, eye-catching, but still meaningful, incorporating all the valuable traditional values. Our Seven Species ketubah collection is a perfect testimony to our progressive, yet the tradition-cherishing approach to art. Care to learn more? Keep on reading!

The Seven Species originate from Israel, the ancient Jewish land, and they were mainly consumed during biblical times. These seven species include wheat, barley, vines, fig-trees, pomegranates, olive oil, and honey. Besides being the staple foods of this historical period, each of these foods has a prominent symbolic meaning behind it. What’s more, each of the Seven Species has a specific role in Jewish traditional medicine.

Wheat is the first of the seven lower sefirot, symbolizing kindness. It is also believed to strengthen the body and increase mother’s milk. Barley stands for restraint, and it reminds us to set clear boundaries. This plant of the Seven Species reduces cholesterol and lowers the risk of coronary disease. Grapes represent beauty and are believed to eliminate free radicals due to their antioxidant activity. Figs, representing endurance, also stand for longevity, believed to strengthen the blood and prevent numerous kinds of diseases. Pomegranates, standing as symbols of majesty and glory, promote our immune response, protecting healthy cells.

Olive oil corresponds to foundation, being the foundation of numerous meals. It is believed to protect the heart, cleanse the liver, and have anti-bacterial properties. Due to its numerous benefits, it is also recognized as the foundation of life. Last but certainly not the least of the Seven Species, dates (honey) symbolizes kingdom. Besides their health benefits, such as supporting intestinal health, dates have a very strong philosophical meaning. The Jewish people recognized dates as a very significant symbol, since the palm tree has no waste (each of its parts is used for something), just like the people of Israel perform charitable deeds and master their own path of Torah learning.

The Species for Love ketubah design is perhaps the best representative of our colorful Seven Species collection. This ketubah design incorporates all seven species in a vibrant display of the Seven Species of Israel. Interested in seeing more of our ketubah collections? Visit our online gallery!

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