Breaking Out of the Chains of Simplicity: Art Nouveau Ketubah

Breaking Out of the Chains of Simplicity: Art Nouveau Ketubah

If you prefer to think outside the box, break the rules, and create your own reality – the Art Nouveau ketubah collection is the answer you’ve been looking for. Being that the foundation of our company is combining the traditional and the modern, and portraying traditional notions through the prism of modern art – we have many bold, modern designs you can choose from. But, why did we chose such an unconventional, rebellious direction to begin with? Art Nouveau is passionate, expressive, and honest – everything we wanted our ketubah designs to be.

Art Nouveau is known by different names: it is Jugendstil in Germany, Stile Liberty in Italy, and simply Modern Style in England. No matter the language and the geographic coordinates, the essence of Art Nouveau remains the same: it has been created to revolutionize not art, but people’s perception of art and life, as well. This style enjoyed its greatest popularity between the ages of 1890 and 1910, and it was mainly inspired by nature. Interestingly enough, Art Nouveau relied on the use of modern materials, including iron, glass, ceramics, and finally concrete.

The birth of Art Nouveau happened in Brussels in 1890, when the first modern interior and exterior decor was used by Paul Hankar. His adventurous and unique take on simple architectural tasks such as homes in Brussels resulted in the first Art Nouveau houses. The actual term art nouveau stems from a Parisian gallery the Maison de l’Art Nouveau (“House of the New Art”), which was opened in 1895. What could be considered the high point of Art Nouveau was The Paris 1900 Exposition Universelle, which showcased the glory of this movement. Even though modern art employs different shapes and forms that may even seem futuristic at moments, their initial inspiration was found in nature and its imperfections. In the words of Guimard, “What must be avoided at all cost is…the parallel and symmetry. Nature is the greatest builder of all, and nature makes nothing that is parallel and nothing that is symmetric.”

Le Metro Du Paris is one of the most eye-catching Art Nouveau ketubah designs, representing one of the actual architectural designs from this age – the Paris Metro, constructed under the direction of Fulgence Bienvenüe. This unique modern ketubah design portrays not only the fascinating Paris Metro but also the beauty of modern architecture, combining both the modern and the traditional Paris. Make sure to check out our full Art Nouveau ketubah collection for more breathtaking designs.

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