A Splatter of Color in Your Life: Colorful Ketubah

A Splatter of Color in Your Life: Colorful Ketubah

In a world of black and white (and perhaps some grey), it is our own job to make our lives colorful. If you’re someone who enjoys thinking outside the box and going for unconventional alternatives, you’ll absolutely love the concept of our colorful ketubah. Here at This Is Not a Ketubah, Yes It Is! we have developed an innovative approach to a traditional symbol that ketubah is. We love everything a ketubah represents, but we’ve decided to “dress” it differently and give it more individuality by incorporating modern art, which is often colorful and eye-catching. Modern art, in fact, represents a rebellion against conventions and rules, and colorful designs are just that – a way to flee the dullness of conventional.

Whether it is your outfit, your living room, your garden, or your life in general – a pop of color makes such a great difference. Scientists have discovered that colors have a great psychological effect and that colorful ambients indeed can affect the mood. For instance, compare your mood during gloomy, grey seasons, and in the springtime, when everything’s bright and colorful. Colorful settings tend to trigger imagination and inspiration, raise our spirits, and boost our creativity and energy.

In life, we shouldn’t be afraid of making an impact and standing out, which is exactly what colorful, bold designs give us the opportunity to do. If simplicity isn’t what truly defines your style, beliefs, and personality, then you shouldn’t settle for it, and you should definitely opt for colorful options. Colorful ketubah designs allow you to truly express yourself and your romance. Sometimes, our emotions are so complex and outstanding that one single color cannot do them justice. Modern art usually incorporates bold, vibrant color choices and colorful designs, perfect for couples that just don’t fit the mold and prefer to create their own rules.

Geometry in Horizontal ketubah incorporates two prominent, recognizable characteristics of the modern art: a striking geometrical style, and a colorful, vibrant design. This particular colorful ketubah design is a great option for you if you appreciate the addition of geometry in modern art. Also, since the symbolism of colors is extremely strong, every single color in this colorful ketubah design can signify a different phase, emotion, or memory in the life of a couple. For more breathtaking color-loving ketubah designs, make sure to check out our colorful ketubah gallery!

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