Always Find the Time to Stop and Smell the Roses: Roses Ketubah

Always Find the Time to Stop and Smell the Roses: Roses Ketubah

The ultimate symbol of love and romance: roses. Some would say that roses are overrated and that other flowers are far more beautiful, sensual, or have a more intoxicating smell. Those that have replaced the old-fashioned ways of demonstrating affection with more clever and sensational gestures think of roses as a cliche. But, those who truly understand how special and meaningful roses are will always be happy to buy a dozen – or be at the receiving end.

We have read about roses in love tales, heard about them in songs, and seen them in some of the most astonishing art pieces. Roses have inspired not only gardeners and flower lovers, but poets, actors, and especially those in love. The beauty of roses and their significance is so great that they grace more than just gardens. Roses are still the first choice for various occasions, including birthdays, engagements, and especially weddings. Rose petals in weddings make the emotional, romantic ambient fairytale-like.

When it comes to roses, the focus is mostly on their tenderness, scent, and allure. However, sometimes it is the thorns of a rose that can be intriguing and even inspiring. It is almost as if something as exquisite as a rose had to create a shield in order to defend itself from the predators. The thorns of a rose can also teach us an important lesson: the good and the bad sides, as well as times, should be embraced and cherished, and together they create a perfect blend.

The Deco Flowers ketubah stands for the glory of hardships which were bravely faced and overcome by portraying thornless roses. These roses have lost their thorns, signifying a fresh start full of joy and fulfillment. This rose inspired ketubah bears nothing but good luck for the newlyweds.

Roses on your ketubah can represent various chapters of your love story. The first date, first dinner, as well as all the romantic, precious moments that have marked your relationship can be symbolized by roses which have stood for romance and love for thousands of years. The symbolism of roses is also a perfect choice for couples who believe in the beauty of the path of their relationship, whether it be covered in rose petals, or thorns – as long as there is compassion, unity, and trust.

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