Announcing: The Wood Ketubah!

The Wood Ketubah (Bright Kiss)

Guys, we have great news: We’re launching the first, ever wood ketubah!!!! We’re really proud of this initiative and project, and we’re soooooo excited to create a Ketubah directly onto wood. Insofar as we know, no one has ever done this before in the 4,000 year history of the ketubah!

Who thought there was so much innovation in the ketubah space? We’re happy to help take our most awesome, ancient traditions and add a modern touch — but doing so in the most high-quality and artistic ways, such as, on wood!

So, a few interesting points about the wood ketubot.

First, we’re using a modern process to create the print directly on the wood. We’re not engraving it, but printing it onto the wood itself.

Secondly, they’re only available in the 16×24 size.

Third, they’re available for almost all of our art. For a couple, we’re not creating them on wood because we don’t think they’d look amazing (and we’ll only do it if it looks amazing).

Fourth, we’re doing these with our partner, Wood Ketubah. Together, we’re so psyched about the awesome wood ketubahs we’re creating!

So exciting. Any questions? Interesting? Drop us a note and ask!!!

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