Another First: A Korean Ketubah!

We have another mini-milestone that we’re excited to share: our very first Korean Ketubah!!!

Our awesome couple is a couple where the guy was born Jewish, and the girl was born to parents who are Korean (both in the USA). What a great combination (I say with a knowing smirk, having gone to a high school where all of the non-Iranians in my high school were either Ashkenazi Jews or Korean-Americans!).

They wanted the Ketubah to reflect both cultures. So, we not only included the text in multiple languages, but: we added in a Korean quote to the art!

Adding quotes to the art is one of our favorite and most recommended methods to customize the art to make it unique for you. And when we add in the quote, it doesn’t need to be in English. It can be in any language you want, so long as we can figure out how to do it!

If you want a Korean Ketubah — just ask! We’d love to work with you to make the perfect Ketubah for you two!

Many of our Asian ketubahs would look great — but we can add a Korean phrase to any Ketubah you want! Just let us know!

Our favorite Ketubot are often the ones that combine different cultures together artistically. We get lots of beauty from bringing very disparate styles together :) Onwards and upwards!!!

Team Ketubah

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