Anyone Want a Punk Ketubah?

Hey y’all (do I sound like a southerner… or what?!),

We’re completely fascinated by the Orthodox Jewish Punk Music movement. Very curious article about these guys in the New York Times.

This has completely inspired us to create a punk ketubah. Does anyone want one?

Anyone, anyone? (Said in a Ben Stein, Bueller, Bueller, tone of voice).

We’d be over-the-top excited and overjoyed to make such a unique awesome incredible fun hip modern cool new Ketubah happen. Did I put enough adjectives into that sentence?

We’re bursting at the seams here. Give us an excuse to do this, someone! :)

And don’t think, mind you, that we have a superficial understanding of punk. It’s not just a few hits from the (early) Ramones (who were Jewish, mind you). Oh no, oh no! You let our fun tone of voice mislead you! If there’s something we know about other than ketubot and art, it is the historiography of contemporary music! We sit here in our arts studio, discoursing endlessly on topics such as, How did Punk evolve into the New Wave in the early 80s? This is a fascinating question that requires endless attention to detail (just like making a good Ketubah!). Take, for example, The Clash. How could the band behind London Calling also be behind Should I Stay or Should I Go? What happened to the Punk Movement? What does this represent about the cultural shift of the early Reagan years? (That transformation is perhaps rivaled only by Jefferson Airplane/Starship’s transformation from the band of White Rabbit to the band of We Built This City.)

But it’s more than that: punk means something to us. It’s about bringing together a smorgasboard full of unyielding energy, that sounds cacophonous — but if you get it, you understand what it means underneath. But do you? Are you sure?

Give us an excuse to create the Punk Ketubah of your dreams. There must be some Jewish punk out there who wants a Ketubah.

(On a separate note, Argentine men seem to only wear Ramones t-shirts. Welcome to life in Argentina!)

Team Ketubah

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