Are Ketubahs from ‘Tinak/This is not a Ketubah’ Real Ketubahs?

Short answer: YES, YES, YES!

Longer answer: We get this question all the time! The important point to remember is, we put the “not” in our name for ironic fun, because we were in a playful and passionate mood that fateful day when we chose our Team’s name. The name is Ironic, and a reference to the iconic painting by Magritte.

As of the moment I’m writing this, we’re about to hit our 600th couple — and thus, with 600 rabbis and officiants! From Orthodox and super reform — and everything in-between. We’ve even created a bunch of ketubot for Chassidic Lubavitch weddings!

We’re listed in on the main and traditional Ketubah websites, like and Ketubah Gallery. We’re even featured on smaller, religious Jewish sites, such as Orthodox Ketubot.

We’re in one Judaica Store per major American city — like Gallery Judaica in Los Angeles, and Levine Judaica in New York. At lost those cities with major Jewish populations (sorry for all the Jews of Tuscaloosa!).

We’ve created Ketubot with all sorts of texts, from using the ancient Aramaic, to custom texts. We’ve worked with hundreds of rabbis to change and tweak the text to be perfect for them. Hundreds of rabbi-approved texts.

I guess the real test is, what happens when a couple gets a get to get divorced? Insofar as we know, none of our couples have gotten divorced yet (“knock on wood” — and yes, we know that phrase as Christian origins! But we still use it anyway to thank Fortune for our amazing luck!!!). We imagine that any rabbi who approved our text for a wedding would approve the same text for a divorce. But hopefully none of our couples ever get divorced!

That should be a unique selling proposition: with one of our ketubot, you’re less likely to get divorced! Maybe we’ll make that our next slogan! That would make me really want to use that Ketubah! Haha :)

Questions? Just ask!

Team Ketubah

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