Back to Our Roots: Vintage Ketubah

Back to Our Roots: Vintage Ketubah

We know what you may be thinking as you’re reading the title, Vintage ketubah? Isn’t this website all about a modern take on ketubah designs? Well, as paradoxical as it may sound, vintage might just be the new modern, since it has made its presence very clear in different spheres of modern life – including art. We are witnessing the comeback of vintage, and it seems that it is here to stay. There are just some strings with the past that should never be broken, and vintage style is the best proof of that theory. If you’re all about that vintage life – you’ll absolutely adore our vintage ketubah collection!

How often can you hear the word vintage nowadays? It has returned with a bang when it comes to fashion, interior, music, and many other spheres. In fashion, vintage style is worshiped and absolutely a must. No matter how many innovations are thrown our way, vintage seems to bounce back from it and take over the market. The strong presence of vintage can also be felt in different aspects of architecture and interior design, as more and more people are gravitating towards vintage style as opposed to the minimalistic modern approach. Call it melancholy or sentimentalism, but one thing is clear: great styles from the past will never go out of style, so it’s no wonder many people choose to go down the memory lane.

What’s particularly interesting to see is a blend of modern art and vintage elements, which has become very common. Just because vintage is greatly appreciated doesn’t mean that modern should be underappreciated. It is always fascinating getting to have the best of both worlds, and even creating our own style by combining certain aspects of vintage with other alternatives. The same rule applies to ketubah design, which is something we’ve made very clear in this company: you should be the designer of your ketubah, and the possibilities are unlimited!

The Persian ketubah is one of our many vintage ketubah designs, celebrating and cherishing tradition. Just like all the other vintage ketubah pieces, this one has an interesting background story and a strong message. This ketubah design is inspired by the unique, unreplicated style of the Persian Jewish community, incorporating bold, rich colors and golden, luxurious patterns in this gorgeous vintage design. It stands for the unity of the Jewish culture and the Persian heritage, which have been interconnected for thousands of years.

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