Black Ketubot- Reflecting Charming Elegance of Deep Love

“I do not speak as I think, I do not think as I should, and so it all goes on in helpless darkness.”

Franz Kafka

Black is not a depressing sad color, rather it radically demonstrates the poetic harmony and subtle elegance of anything and everything it showcases. The overwhelming and domineering appearance of black color in any art amazingly reveal the basic thought of the artist. Amalgamation of black with any other color palette stupendously enhance the creative excellence of any art piece to another spectacular level, so is each and every piece of our black ketubot series.

Depicting the splendid beauty of world’s famous skylines with the dazzling Toronto skyline ketubah, the incredibly alluring New York skyline ketubah and the stunning San Francisco skyline ketubah, or showcasing the classic love affair of black and white with the uniquely elegant Tattoo Love Ketubah, loaded with romantic vibes My Beloved Monochromatic ketubah, or the intricately designed the Ying Yang monochromatic ketubah, the black ketubot series is surely a heaven for Black color’s lovers.

For some passionately immersed-in-love couples, the beautiful Stay in a Dream ketubah, insanely romantic Our silhouette ketubah and the beautiful Romantic ketubah flawlessly depict the depth of deep-rooted romance. Well, all in all, this ketubah series has superbly covered everything, from pure religious ketubot to modernized ketubahs, from musical ketubahs to some lusciously romantic ones, ┬áJust name it and have it, you’ll get way more and beyond your expectations.

Black color not only imparts its elegance with whites or gray, rather it terrifically elevate the magnificent appearance of every color palette. The Floating Collage ketubah is a perfect example for that. Illustrating the sparkling joy that we all endear within ourselves, this colorful Ketubah celebrates the union of two beautiful souls in an extremely joyous and cheerful manner.

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