Check out this guy’s Yarmulka! And his massive….

Check out this guy’s head covering! And his massive… Shofar! Bring in the New Year! This awesome shofar blowing has been making its away around the interwebs for a while, and what better time to share it with friends than before Rosh Hashanah. Also it deserves way more than 246,000 views, and I thought we could help!

Believe it or not, Rosh Hashana isn’t just around the corner anymore… it’s this week! When my mom sent this to me I was glad to see it in my inbox. From the all-white dress of the Rabbi (or is he a Cantor?), the white tallis, the awesome Rosh Hashanah hat on his own rosh, style-wise he’s got it down.

And then, there is the man event: the Shofar itself. Aesthetically, this shofar has got it goin on: the curvature, swirl, colors and texture. And to top it off: This guy knows how to play! Even if you don’t make your way to shul to see the shofar blown itself (high recommended!), everything about this shofar blowing is enough to get your Rosh Hashana fill!

Now, lets think about this video from a Ketubah perspective—what can we as a collective learn? After all, at the core of our modern designs is a commitment to tradition and Judaism. Usually at This Is Not a Ketubah, we are big fans of bold color, but this shofar blower knows that sometimes you gotta put aside tie-dye in favor of simplicity and reverence.

As for the Shofar, an artist could spend all day studying & and inspecting that one fine piece of ram’s horn on a sketch along! Once we consider color, movement, and emotion, we’ve got ourselves a massive learning experience, and an expression of commitment to traditional values.

Perhaps most exciting about this video is the note at the bottom, supporting interfaith families and converts to Judaism. In this time of celebration and reflection, This Is Not a Ketubah is proud to be more than just producers of beautiful & modern commissioned Ketubot, but a resource and friend in the Jewish community.

Shanah Tovah!

Team Ketubah

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