Curious About Modern, Interfaith Ketubahs?

Many other Ketubah artists won’t create interfaith ketubahs. (For example, our more religious friends at Orthodox Ketubot only creates strictly kosher, religious ketubot.) There are many reasons why these other artists behave like this: many ketubah artists disapprove of intermarriage, for example.

But not here at This is not a Ketubah! We’re welcome and open to all! Whether you are a Jewish-Jewish, or Catholic-Jewish, or Episcopalian-Jewish, or Hindi-Jewish, or Muslim-Jewish… we would love to welcome you into our community with open arms, and an open heart.

Our approach towards interfaith marriages is to welcome everyone into our community. We would rather have one Jew plus his entire family in our community, than throw everyone away. Soon we’d be all alone :)

Plus, we love all the mixtures, in all the forms. Remember evolution: diversity of mixtures helps the genes improve!

If you want more information about an interfaith Ketubah — then just ask. It would be our honor and pleasure to create one for any interfaith couple!

The Ketubah is a special and sacred document. It is about the love and commitment between you two, regardless of who you are. We would love to include you, all of you, in the tradition.

Oh also: check out our partner Interfaith Ketubahs to see some great ones!

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