Elegant Depiction of Love with the Beautiful Palette of Teal Color

“There is never a time or place for true love. It happens accidentally, in a heartbeat, in a single flashing, throbbing moment.”

Sarah Dessen, The Truth About Forever

Like all of the incredibly amazing ketubot series here on TINAK, the Teal Ketubot series also, is studded with stunningly attractive and strikingly appealing ketubot that are loaded with the beautiful amalgamation of the classic essence of ketubah mixed with the chic artistic touch.

Every piece describes the joyful and deep feeling of love differently, but, with same passion and beauty. The Turquoise Wave Ketubah, for instance, reflects the beautiful portrayal of the turquoise color palette, while keeping the ketubah text the main focus of the whole image. This ketubah is inspired by the color Maestro, Mark Rothko. The artistic beauty of this piece is there to shine forever, like the deep feeling of love between a couple. The everlasting tranquil and deep feel of this masterpiece will brighten up every day of your life.

Depicting a somewhat refreshing, bright, and a dazzling side of love, deep romance, and a healthy marital life; the by the Lake Ketubah with its blazingly fresh color tones gives a different choice to all the madly in love couples. This ketubah is surely a perfect pick for a couple who loves all the different shades of water, the blues, turquoise, green, yellowish tones, and others. Depicting the true essence of a marriage that inspires a couple to build a life of their own, a home that belongs only these two that have a meaningful importance in their life, this ketubah superbly live up to the basic concept of a marriage.

Well, this is not it. The beauty of this ketubah series float through numerous ketubahs, including The Abstract Blooms ketubah, The Dancing Love ketubah, The Origami Ketubah, and many others. Just dive in, and you’ll definitely fall in love with every piece.

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