Everything’s Better When You Add a Pop of Color: Color Ketubah

Everything’s Better When You Add a Pop of Color: Color Ketubah

Sometimes all we need is a little bit of color to brighten up the day. While most of the time we have to be the ones who must splatter color all over negativity and sorrow, in certain moments we can have the luxury of relying on a significant other to pick just the right colors for the canvas of our lives. Not everyone will know the correct color scheme and some shades may disrupt the balance. However, the right person will sense the perfect color, amount, vibrancy, and saturation in order to complete the masterpiece. It all comes down to the choice of the artist – and not everyone is worthy of that brush.

There are people who see the world as either black or white, and for them, there are no colors in between. On the other hand, some believe in mixtures and blends of different colors which shape the world as we know it, instead of settling for simplicity. Either way, everyone is the creator of their own perception and when it comes to palettes of colors, there are no limitations. In life, just like in modern art, possibilities are endless and conventions are broken without an explanation, in order for art to be created. In fact, many ground principles of modern art can also result to be quite useful in life. Forget about categories, patterns, and traditional ways of thinking – let the colors unleash your artistic spirit and paint your life just the way you want it.

The Ocean ketubah embraces an unconventional mixture of unsettling, vivid colors representing the wildness of an ocean. Impactful strikes, bold movements and even bolder, bright colors have taken this particular design on a whole new level. Colorful ketubah designs such as this one represent a perfect choice for couples who not only appreciate the rebellious nature of modern art but have also implemented it in their lifestyle. Color ketubah would complement strong, bold characters; people who appreciate and nourish their individuality, while also cherishing their unity and every moment shared together. Unique designs emphasizing color are a perfect solution for couples who are not afraid to speak up and share their true selves with the world.

The expression “show your true colors” may have a negative connotation in some situations, but generally in life, it is a courageous, admirable act. Wear your colors proudly, no matter how blinding they may be for the rest of the world.

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