Exhilarate Your Passionate Love with luxuriously Attractive and Stunningly Lustrous Night Themed Ketubot

“May I kiss you then? On this miserable paper? I might as well open the window and kiss the night air.”

Franz Kafka

A sweet and soothing night carries a baggage full of emotions, witnessing the utter sorrow and gloomy situations of one’s life while simultaneously cherishing the romantic and tender moments of one crazily in love couple. The dark hours of the night, illuminating with the gentle touch of moonlight magnificently illustrate the true meaning of crazy romance and deep love. So is our stunning collection of night themed ketubot that amazingly covers a wide range of vibrantly colorful to single toned artistic pieces, where each and every ketubah masterfully demonstrate the lustrously deep and splendidly beautiful passion of affectionate love between a couple.

Our Silhouette Ketubah is a stunning portrayal of gentle romance and crazy love that beautifully captures the magical story of deeply falling in love in a simple yet stylishly unique way. The tender intermingling of trees above the dancing couple in a spectacular forest registers a lustrous feel of love. This black and white themed ketubah is a definite choice of the couple who understands and adores each and every aspect of their partner’s personality and who are always on their toes for a spontaneous and romantically rich dance with their ever after.

Adorned with a beautiful combination of romantically rich night and hopes of a brighter, happier and warm day, the Night Waltz Ketubah marvelously depicts all the intimately romantic emotions of a couple that they cherish on their first dance. With the couple tenderly holding each other in the most romantic and harmonious way under the strikingly attractive and superbly balanced scene of sun and moon’s presence in the sky, this ketubah superbly portrays a perfect harmony between a couple.



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