Fingerprint Ketubahs Are Here!

You know what our new favorite thing in the world is?

Fingerprint Ketubahs!!

A few couples have recently asked us to create Ketubot, so that their friends and family can fingerprint it.

It's been a spectacular success. We love it, the couples love it, it's so cool!

This is a great way to expand your Ketubah beyond just your Rabbi and Witnesses signing it, and bring in the family and friends closest to you.

And this also makes for a spectacular piece of art to hang in your home -- that is much more personal than just some awesome piece of art you buy!

Sound interesting? Want more information about a Fingerprint Ketubah? Just ask! Nina would love to tell you all about our Fingerprint Ketubahs!!! Just call or email Nina!

The Modern Ketubah Store from Team Ketubah

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