Framing your Ketubah — A Few Tips!

Thinking about the perfect frame for your Ketubah, but aren’t sure where to go? We totally understand! There are lots of choices out there, so here are some tips and recommendations of great framing shops with a reputation for incredible service, and beautiful frames (even for custom sizes, for our longer Ketubot!)

A Few Framing Tips…

  • Should we use a certain frame?
    Nope! With so many modern choices, we couldn’t pick one — It’s up to you!
  • Head to your local framing store.
    They know lots about framing, and can help you find something unique to fit the print perfectly!
  • Hold off on the frame until after the wedding.

    Things wil be hectic on wedding day, and you could bend your print by taking it in and out of the frame in all the excitement!

  • Leave plenty of time after you sign before framing the Ketubah
    The ink from your Ketubah Pen could stain the glass if it touches while still wet!
  • Head online for a great Frame selection!
    Sites like and Soho Framing are a great start to your search!
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