Go Back to the Impactful, Mystical Era: Victorian Ketubah

Go Back to the Impactful, Mystical Era: Victorian Ketubah

People are either absolutely fascinated with the Victorian era, or they find its reforms, conventions, and consequences too strict, but there is absolutely no in-between. An era so fascinating, groundbreaking, and core-shaking as the Victorian period is bound to create some sort of reaction, whether you like it or not. While some would argue that the entire ideology behind this period has completely vanished with the reign of Queen Victoria, others would strongly disagree, being able to point out so many deep marks of this time. Whether you agree with the methods and rules the Victorian era has imposed on people, its glory and enormous historical importance are undeniable.

When it comes to society, culture, and moral, the Victorian era proposed theories and conventions that many would consider outdated and long gone. The 19th century brought the domination of the church, religion, and rigid moral norms that were believed to be the foundation of a healthy, stable Victorian society. One of the objectives of the Victorian era was to end slavery once and for all, especially among the most affected social groups Рwomen and children. However, taking the flourishment of child labor in the Victorian era into consideration, as well as more than obvious gender inequality, it is safe to say that this period was extremely paradoxical.

On the other hand, what is pretty straightforward about the Victorian era is its magnificent impact on architecture and art, that will surely live forever, Victorian architecture is considered a unique blend of various architectural styles throughout history, thanks to which we are able to enjoy the Palace of Westminister, Royal Albert Hall, and numerous other astonishing objects. Of course, let’s not forget the Victorian era in literature, including Charles Dickens, Thomas Hardy, Robert Browning, Alfred Tennyson, and many other names whose influence and work have shaped the literature as we know it today.

The Steampunk ketubah design is a unique blend of everything the Victorian era represents: passion, love, unique fashion, as well as a characteristic color scheme and scenery. Even though this is a Victorian era-inspired ketubah representing tradition and history, it still nurtures the recognizable bold modern art vibe you expect to see in all our ketubah designs. Fans of the Victorian era, the intricate Art Nouveau movement, as well as the steamboat genre, will particularly enjoy this romantic ketubah design. Make sure to take a look at our other Victorian ketubah pieces!

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