Great News: We’re Being Exhibited At Hebrew Union College!

We are proud to announce that the Gallery at Hebrew Union College has invited us to exhibit some of our Ketubot as part of an upcoming exhibition in their Museum, and we gladly accepted the offer! We are honored to be a part of their wonderful collection in their Gallery.

From October 10th 2012 to June 28th 2013, the Hebrew Union College Gallery will be showcase the exhibit “The Sexuality Spectrum,” featuring different works on contemporary Judaism’s tackling sexuality. Our You & I Romantic Ketubah — a Ketubah that is both traditional, even cheesy, yet powerfully modern simultaneously — will be showcased in the exhibit.

Thank you, Hebrew Union College! We love you! I know that no photographs are allowed in the exhibit but we might try to sneak one in anyway :)

Thank you for this wonderful opportunity. The world is wonderful, and so are you! (Yes, we are cheesy!)

Team Ketbah

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