HEART-iest Congratulation on Your Wedding

“Love is the only criminal who, after stealing your heart, convinces you to celebrate her.”

Matshona Dhiwayo

With our strikingly colorful and deeply romantic collection of Ketubot with Hearts, we happily present you a startling line up of incredibly unique and artistic pieces of some of the most loved and appreciated ketubot. In this collection, every piece describes the love story of a couple with a promise of sharing life together with full of cheerful moments, while making so many long lasting memories.

Loaded with all the fun and romantic elements, and designed as a beautiful love letter, The Heart Me Ketubah joyously depicts the pleasing vibes of love and romance. Distinctively styled two figures grabbing a heart wide red heart is surely a perfect representation of sharing a lifetime of togetherness. This vibrantly appealing romantic ketubah is a perfect pick for a cheerful couple who celebrate every passing second of life with its partner.

The Heart Shaped World Ketubah is another gem in the lustrously appealing and stunningly attractive collection of ketubot with hearts. Overflowing with an amazing range of beautifully defined and strikingly colored patterns, this artistic piece speaks for its worth itself. Jam- packed with every kind of design including circles, swirls, flowers, check stars, and what not in a way cooler colors blends and embellishments; the Heart Shaped World Ketubah incredibly put an incredible amalgamation of romance and pattern in a single frame. Well, it surely is a must have for any couple who appreciates unique art and wants to bring colors, happiness, and joy in the home.

Well! not only these but all other ketubot represent the loving beauty of romance in a wonderful way. Such as Be My Valentine Ketubah illustrate the cheerful moments of young romance, Diamond Heart Ketubah graciously depicts the passionate love of a couple that shines forever, and with its simple yet soothing designing and color palette, the Love Letter Ketubah superbly radiates the tranquility of having someone reliable and celebrate the beauty of life.

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