How a Man Conquered the Sky: Flying Ketubah

How a Man Conquered the Sky: Flying Ketubah

What is it about flying that has fascinated mankind since the beginning of time? Is it a fact that it is an activity we’re unable to perform on our own, unlike other living creatures, or is it the simple fascination with being high up in the sky, away from all the troubles and hardships? Either way, it is safe to say that humans have worked hard to reach the heights – literally, and today we have several flying options, as well as adrenaline sports and challenges which call for a great deal of courage. On the other hand, the human obsession with flying may have stemmed from their love for birds, these magnificent creatures that conquered the sky.

Back in the day, flying wasn’t nearly as accessible as today. Quite the contrary, it seemed that people could only dream about it and envision themselves in the sky without a proper plan. Even those who had what seemed to be a well-thought-out plan would fail in executing it. Before anyone could even imagine flying on an airplane, people would construct man-carrying kites that have massively been utilized in China. Other forms of aircraft, including hot air balloons and airships, were developed later as more innovative means of flying which can be regarded as more rational attempts at functional flying machinery.

In 1903, history was made when flying was made possible by the legendary Wright brothers who successfully performed the first-ever controlled, powered flight. From that point on, the development of the flying industry could not be stopped, and all of a sudden a dream became reality. In the 1950s, people witnessed the first-ever commercial jet airliner, the de Havilland DH 106 Comet,¬†which marked a turning point in the history of flying. However, the ambition of mankind when it comes to flying would not stop there. It was in the 1980s that the first reusable Space Shuttle was launched into space, completely revolutionizing the idea of human existence and capabilities. Later on, in the 1990s, NASA performed the first-ever exploration of another planet – Mars. What could be next? We can only imagine, as there seem to be fewer limits than ever when it comes to a man’s dream to fly.

The Flying into the Dusk ketubah captures flying in a most romantic, sensual manner Рby portraying two white birds in a harmonious flight. Their unity and ability to reach the heights while flying together symbolizes the love and commitment between two people joined in a sacred unity of marriage.

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