Ketubah Artists in Great Neck!

Hi everyone!

Although I’m writing this post from Argentina this week, of all places in the universe… guess where we’re from? The one, the only… Great Neck!

If you want to work with a Ketubah artist from Great Neck, we’re the only ones! Yes, I grew up in Great Neck, lived there until I was 18 and was shipped off to college.

Why do you think we are so obsessed with watching Princesses: Long Island (And still want to make a Ketubah for any of them if they get married?): because it’s our hometown!

We’d even love to do a Ketubah of Great Neck! The classic clock on Middle Neck Road; the train station; the Gatsby-esque houses in the North; the endless cars double-parked on Middle Neck Road. You want it? You got it!

Why do you think we’re specialists in Persian Ketubot? Because we’re from Great Neck, where everyone around us is Persian-Jewish! That’s how we got our start in Persian Ketubahs!

We still go back and visit Great Neck regularly — and stop by the Judaica stores on Middle Neck Road. We’d love to meet up and have a coffee!


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