Ketubah Frames and Holders: How Do You Find The Right One?

Finding the right ketubah is hard… but it’s also not obvious nor easy to find the right ketubah frame, either.

The good ketubah frame has a few essential requirements that we must keep in mind:

  • The good frame must match the artwork in terms of color consistency. The colors must complement each other in a powerful way.
  • The frame must not be too distracting. A frame that attracts so much attention will detract attention from the ketubah itself.
  • The material of the frame gives off different emotions — so ask yourself, what emotion you want to radiate. A wood frame, wood-color, radiates warmth; while an austere metallic frame radiates hipsterness, for example. Which do you relate to more?
  • Do you want to put the Ketubah on your wall, or on your table-top? The size matters, of course! The bigger it is, the harder it is to put onto a table!

So this suggestions the obvious question: where — and from whom — can you buy an awesome Ketubah frame?

The answer is… stay tuned. We’re working on a really exciting project and very soon we’ll have more details. We’re at liberty to give you these clues (yes! Frames coming soon!) but not much more.

If you are interested, however… then ask us. Considering a ketubah and thinking about a frame? We’ll help you find both together!

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