Ketubah in 24 Hours? We’ll do it!

Since we’ve started, we’ve had a lot of requests for last-minute Ketubot (“ketubahs,” as most say!): within a week, within a few days, close to the deadline of the wedding.

But we just had on Friday a record: a couple contacted us hysterical on Friday morning: their wedding was the next day, and they completely forgot about the Ketubah!

And guess what? We did it.

This was scary and exciting, running so hard, at the last minute.

But they got it, loved it, and there was no problem at all.

Lesson: if you’re getting married tomorrow, give us a call — and we can make a Ketubah for you!

(Note: we might not be able to. For example, this couple was in California, but if you’re in Bombay, it might be harder and we might not be able to, etc! But call us and we’ll discuss!).

Team Ketubah

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