Ketubah in Spanish? ¿En Español? ¡¡Obvio!!

Greetings from Buenos Aires! Team Ketubah has an arts studio here and we’re constantly going back-and-forth between BA and New York.

And guess what the language of Buenos Aires is? ¡Español!

So, as a happy consequence of being here in Argentina… it’s easy to for us to make Ketubot (ketubahs?!) in Spanish — and we love doing so! The grammar comes naturally to us :)

Of course, there are a few levels of irony here. Not all of us are Argentine-Jews; some of us are American and Colombian Jews that spend a lot of time in Argentina. Another irony is, most Argentine Jews less tend to prefer more traditional Ketubot — although our modern style is starting to catch on like wildfire!

We were even founded to raise money for the Jewish orphanage of Buenos Aires, Ieladeinu!

We’ve created Ketubot (ketubahs!) in seemingly every language. Slight exaggeration… but not much. In French, in German, even three in Chinese!

And now…. in Spanish, too! We’re now working on two Ketubot in Spanish, one of which is trilingual! Yay!

So, if you’ve been dreaming about a Ketubah in Spanish…. just ask :)

Team Ketubah

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