Ketubah, Shakira, and Gut Shabbos!

This Is Not a Ketubah is all about blending creativity and tradition. Each week before Shabbat we like to have a fun brainstorm with all our team members about all things awesome, artsy, inspired by design, what my Bubbe might call ‘hip’ and of course Jewish! Lately, one this has been on our minds- we’re halfway through Elul, which means Rosh Hashanah is right around the corner!

What does Rosh Hashanah mean for a bunch of artists living and working in Buenos Aires? For one, just as Fall is setting in for New York Jews, summer is on its way for those of us living below the equator. With sunny weather means more time outside–and therefore more inspired, colorful Ketubot. Making creative, custom Ketubahs isn’t just our passion, its our obsession.

Beyond warm weather, preparing for Rosh Hashanah also means figuring out a way to de-crystalize the honey in the bottle and pour it on some apple! One of us (well, me) has found a new tradition: singing the Waka Waka Rosh Hashanah song!

Check out this awesome video we found by the Fountainheads of Ein Prat Academy for Leadership in Israel! Nothing brings a little high-holiday excitement like singing Jews. Especially when there’s a shofar involved. Even better when its in Israel.


We love this video for all of the reasons we love making awesome Ketubot. From recognizing different types of Jewish families to using the style of something typically non-Jewish (or maybe Shakira is, in fact Jewish?!?!), we get it. Its creative, fun, and doesn’t mind shaking up tradition while sticking to it. In fact, we imagine that any member of this incredible group were to marry another program participant, our Ketubot would be an excellent match for their ball-throwing, Star-Wars imitating antics.

Who says modern art has to be about super-trendy elite design all the time. We’d love to eat some apples and honey with them!


Team Ketubah

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