The Making Of: Chagall-ish Ketubah II

After the first Chagall-ish Ketubah was posted to the Gallery last week, we didn’t feel satiated.  In addition to being perhaps the most celebrated Jewish artist by critics of all backgrounds, he has always seemed to speak to a very personal part of the Jewish psyche.

For me, the first Chagall-ish Ketubah with its themes of nature and environment spoke to what I saw as the best aspects of Chagall’s work.  Without explicit mention, the blending of trees, doves, and a golden city in the distance touched on an intangible Jewish reality.

Many members of Team Ketubah also felt this reverb of Jewish identity inherent in the work.  But although they felt the same way, they wanted to create something which had even stronger references to Chagall’s other-worldly, spiritual and deeply rich themes.

Although the Chagall-ish Ketubah II isn’t yet ready to be posted on the site (when you’re working with perfectionist artists, patience is a virtue!), I’m extremely excited to share this video posted on Livestream.

CHECK OUT THE VIDEO HERE: The Making Of: Chagall-Ish Ketubah II

This “In The Making- Chagall II” gives you a peak into the subtle changes and touches which ultimately result in stunningly beautiful, gorgeous art.  When we say that our art is ‘museum quality,’  we mean it!  Not only is each print made with love by a team of Jewish Argentine artists dedicated to creating Jewish art, but our printer uses archival quality which won’t fade for ~150 years!

Whether you’re looking for Jewish themes, color, inventive design, or the whimsical aspects of Chagall’s work, the This Is Not a Ketubah team is thrilled to bring you the next Chagall Ketubah.  We’ll upload it just as soon as its perfect!


Team Ketubah


Ketubahs Back in Time

Every few years, we shed off styles, trends and TV shows and move on to the next big thing. But those fads don’t entirely disappear, and after a decade or so, we see them resurface and creep back into our lives. Vintage dresses, retro weddings and classic cars are out and about, and we love it!

In the world of weddings and ketubahs, retro designs are making waves. They not only look good, but they also represent the values of a generation and time that couples admire and wish to instill in their own lives.

Retro ketubahs are making a comeback and they’re more popular than ever. From the roaring twenties, to the groovy seventies and the disco eighties, there’s a lot of fun decades to choose from! Each time has its own distinctive style and history to draw from. Couples inspired by a particular era can incorporate those qualities in their marriage with a ketubah that reflects that age.

Like all things old, we embrace them with a modern touch and traditional values. The colors in retro ketubahs are rich and vivid, while the standard text holds the essence of the ketubah. Some of our favorite ketubahs from the retro ketubahs collection bring a blast from the past with a lots of glamour and excitement.

retro ketubah

The 60’s was full of color, peace, and of course the most important, love!  T colorful design to the fun layout, The 60’s Ketubah will bring you back to a time of bell bottoms, peace signs and retro flowers. With just the right amount of fun and romance, the 60’s style makes for the perfect Ketubah!

retro ketubah

Reminiscent of the seventies, we have The Retro Ketubah. The Retro Ketubah, with its concentric circles expanding out, recalls these themes, and brings the 1970s look up to the modern standard: disco music meets web 2.0, or Mick Jagger meets Lady Gaga.


This Year’s Wedding Color: Blue

Every wedding season has a different color — and it seems to us that this year’s color is blue. We’ve witnessed a couple of weddings this year and were dazzled by the glamour of different combinations and shades of blue. Blue is clearly the color of the year.

The colour of the sky and sea stands for depth and stability. Among other things, it symbolizes trust, loyalty, wisdom, confidence, intelligence, faith, and truth. These are all qualities prized by couples in a lasting relationship, and many wish to incorporate all that blue stands for in their marriage by making it a central part of their wedding festivities.

Blue has traditionally made a bold appearance at weddings, in ode to an old English rhyme that goes “Something Olde, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue, A Sixpence in your Shoe”. The blue in the poem represents purity, love, and fidelity brought by the bride into the marriage. Although originally a British custom, the sentimental ritual has made its way over the Pacific Ocean, and new brides incorporate ‘something blue’ into their wedding day. Most significantly, in their ketubahs.

The cool color is a smashing hit with our clients. Lighter shades like sky blue draw more attention towards the text and illustrations of the Ketubah, and radiate a feeling of freshness and new beginnings.

While ketubahs in darker shades like navy blue or turquoise are associated with high rank or wealth. The deep shades are visually stunning and many find them to be elegant and regal.

Here at TINAK Ketubahs, we believe that your ketubah’s color scheme should match the color scheme of your wedding. It is after all the heart and purpose of the wedding event. Whether you would like a color combination or a ketubah in uniform blue, we have a lot of variety to offer.


What Size Should My Ketubah Be?

Ketubah Size Comparison
Click here to see the image enlarged

Short answer: 16×24 is the classic size and a great size for most couples. Long answer: Keep reading below! We offer lots of sizes and would love to help you find the perfect size for you! See our size comparison analysis below, and see the image above (click here to enlarge), and if you want even more information, send us an email!

We know that there are too many things to choose from when it come to buying a Ketubah, and most of the time, we have no idea which option is the right one, and when it comes to size how are you supposed to picture what the final Ketubah will look like if all you get a couple of numbers. I am going to try and compare the sizes for you to put each one into perspective, and hopefully allow you to make an informed decision.

10×15 – This is our smallest, and most “easy to use” option. It is big enough to be hung on the wall but small enough to be filed away if you do not have enough space to hang it just yet. It is approximately the size of one of those super size cereal boxes.

13×19.5 – This size is already large enough to include two texts, but won’t be drawing a lot of attention on a mantelpiece. The closest we can think of to relate this size to would be a placemat, but please don’t eat off your Ketubah :)

16×24 – The Classic Ketubah Size! The standard size available for Ketubot, allows you to include two text options, it is just the right size for almost any wall in your house, allows for easy reading of the texts, and frames are readily available in any frame shop. This size can be compared to that of a Movie poster you might have had hanging in your college dorm and it is available in all our different materials.

20×30 – An impressive piece of art that will draw you in, makes the perfect wall centerpiece balancing out the room, and providing a focal point. At this size you have the possibility of including 3 text options allowing you to include a language that represents your heritage, or a language you are deeply passionate about making this Ketubah unique just for you. This Ketubah has been compared to a small cottage’s window.


We Love Our Neighborhood

Here at Ketubah World HQ, we use the Internet nonstop. Nina was just connecting to our wifi network, and noticed one of our neighbors.

Okay, we thought it was funny, in our twisted sense of humor. Just another day in KetubahLand!


Who’s On First? (Ketubah HQ Edition)

What follows is a true story. No facts have been changed.

Date: September 10th, 2012.

Location: The TINAK Ketubah Arts Studio & World HQ, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Time: 4pm (Buenos Aires time)

The office phone rings. Nina, the Ketubah Concierge, answers.

Nina: Hello, this is Team Ketubah, I’m Nina. How can I help you today?
Person on the phone: This is Nina!
Nina: Hi! Yes, this is Nina! But who is this I’m talking to?
Person on the Phone: Hi there! I’m Nina!
Nina: You’re Nina? I’m Nina!
Person on the phone: I’m Nina! Who are you?
Nina: My name is Nina, what is your name?
Person on the phone: My name is Nina!
Nina: Maybe I am talking to myself! Who’s on second?
Person on the phone: What’s on third!

Not quite Abbott & Costello… but we all laughed!

Just another day in the Ketubah Arts Studio & Ketubah World HQ!


[Rick-Rolled Edition] Ketubah That Just Tells You How You Feel!

If you’ve ever been Rick Rolled– that ridiculous internet phenomenon where a seemingly normal YouTube video is sabotaged by 1980s idol Rick Astley’s music video for “Never Gonna Give You Up”– you know that the song is actually pretty catchy! In the spirit of having a little Monday afternoon fun, Team Ketubah wanted to surprise you with this feel-good classic! Check it out:

He might not be a member of the Tribe, Team Ketubah is all about creating a gorgeous interfaith Ketubah. True love doesn’t discriminate, and neither do our ketubahs for same sex couples, but there is something special about the Rick Astley swag that gets us excited to mix the old with the new.

We don’t exactly have any plans to create a Rick Astley Ketubah– but one of the most exciting parts of Team Ketubah are our gorgeous commissioned Ketubot, where we work directly with couples to design art they’ll absolutely love, completely from scratch! Whether lovers of music or nature, our Arts Team will work tirelessly until you have a Ketubah that you absolutely love, perfectly delivered to your door! A cool Ketubah within reach? We wouldn’t be happy doing anything else!

So what’s so great about never Gonna Give You Up? There’s something about his genuine style and ever-so-cheesy lyrics that get us in the mood for a wedding. Behind every sappy song is a beautiful, true sentiment, and today Rick Astley just happened to move us. As we work on our bold, colorful Ketubot, we never forget that they’ll be hanging as a testament to our couples’ relationships as an important part of the Jewish home. And that’s something to get excited about!

Team Ketubah

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