The Making Of: Chagall-ish Ketubah II

After the first Chagall-ish Ketubah was posted to the Gallery last week, we didn’t feel satiated.  In addition to being perhaps the most celebrated Jewish artist by critics of all backgrounds, he has always seemed to speak to a very personal part of the Jewish psyche.

For me, the first Chagall-ish Ketubah with its themes of nature and environment spoke to what I saw as the best aspects of Chagall’s work.  Without explicit mention, the blending of trees, doves, and a golden city in the distance touched on an intangible Jewish reality.

Many members of Team Ketubah also felt this reverb of Jewish identity inherent in the work.  But although they felt the same way, they wanted to create something which had even stronger references to Chagall’s other-worldly, spiritual and deeply rich themes.

Although the Chagall-ish Ketubah II isn’t yet ready to be posted on the site (when you’re working with perfectionist artists, patience is a virtue!), I’m extremely excited to share this video posted on Livestream.

CHECK OUT THE VIDEO HERE: The Making Of: Chagall-Ish Ketubah II

This “In The Making- Chagall II” gives you a peak into the subtle changes and touches which ultimately result in stunningly beautiful, gorgeous art.  When we say that our art is ‘museum quality,’  we mean it!  Not only is each print made with love by a team of Jewish Argentine artists dedicated to creating Jewish art, but our printer uses archival quality which won’t fade for ~150 years!

Whether you’re looking for Jewish themes, color, inventive design, or the whimsical aspects of Chagall’s work, the This Is Not a Ketubah team is thrilled to bring you the next Chagall Ketubah.  We’ll upload it just as soon as its perfect!


Team Ketubah

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