Stunning Collection of Ketubot with Clouds

“Clouds come floating into my life, no longer to carry rain or usher storm, but to add color to my sunset sky.”

Rabindranath Tagore, Stray Birds

We all see nature with a different insight. Flowers, rainbows, trees, rain, birds, petals, sky, sea, sun, anything you see seems to depict your own self, one that no one else can see. Our beautifully colorful collection of ketubot with clouds showcases this, and different moods and layers of a couple’s love, and prospects of spending future ahead. In every ketubah you’ll see a different story, superbly told with the use of lustrous color palette and intricate detailing.

Perfectly capturing the colorful summer vibes with a refreshingly vibrant and lusciously cool color palette, the Up in a tree Ketubah is an excellent pick for a couple who feels the warmth freshness of this amazing season in their relationship all year around. With two types of trees hugging, one with pale green to yellow colored swirling leaves and the other with lavish green to light green swirling leaves, beautiful white birds flying over and around, and a synchronized pattern of fresh looking grass, the whole picture incredibly showcases the actual feel of summer romance. Surely a must have a masterpiece of art.

You know the feeling of falling in love, having butterflies in the stomach, the rush of the heartbeat with just one sight of your love; well, The Lovey Dovey Ketubah beautifully capture this “lovey dovey”  refreshingly romantic feeling of blooming love. Adorned with an amazingly amalgamating color palette of soothing radiant shades of blue, pink, orange and yellow in the background, this Ketubah captures a kissing couple of feels-to-be-real doves and a flock of the celebratory flock and depicts the happy occasion of love’s celebration. Surely, any fan of simply stylish art will love to have it.

Well, this is not it. Dive into other pieces and you’ll love each and every one of it.

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